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a versicolor
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    Looking for a Juvi/adult A. Versicolor
  2. Spiders and Inverts
    Hiya all. I'm going to be moving my A. Versicolor juvenile into a new larger enclosure. So i was just wondering the best way to go about this. Can i just put her in the new enclosure, or does she have to go in with her old web? I heard that if i put her in without her Web she could die of...
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    Hello all, Desperately looking for an adult female A Versicolor, money waiting. I have a MM who does not look like he will last much longer & the female I bred him with initially died mid-shed over the weekend. Bit heartbroken to think he might die without siring any offspring, please help...
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    OK, I've finally got round to it - selling off a lot of my T. collection, here are the first two; AF P. murinus £20 + RMSD (about £6.50) AF A. versicolor £35 + RMSD (same) had an eggsac off this one last year but she appeared to abandon it! PMs prferred - Cheers! PS I have taken pics of...
1-4 of 4 Results