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    Flower - 15 ft plus lavender retic, not 3 yrs old yet. Very tame, A1 condition Eats anything Selling my whole collection as new baby arrived last week £750 full setup available at extra cost 07756218324
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    Hi All, Picked this little 2011 baby Albino Royal up from Pastel01. He is absolutely stunning and I'm looking forward to breeding with him in a year and a bit. enjoy! Thanks again to Pastel01 for this stunning example of this morph, I can't recommend Pastel01 enough, his animals and...
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    She was bred in the US by Mike Willbanks of Constrictors Unlimited (this guy YouTube - Black Eyed Leucistic Ball Python ReptilesTV and M. Wilbanks), imported by Reptile Cymru (Cardiff) last summer. Shes a fantastic feeder, friendly and above all, drop-dead-gorgeous!:flrt: Want £800 for her...
1-3 of 3 Results