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aboreal vivarium
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    60 x 60 x 100 cm Moulded one piece vivariums made from high density polyethylene. UV resistant, lightweight, stackable and waterproof with 6 mm glass sliding doors. If purchased new these are €379.00 (£325.00) each. I have five of these available, feel free to make an offer if you wish to...
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    im trying to source a decent aboreal viv and set up is there any for sale out there ??
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    vivexotic viva medium walnut finish 7 months old 915mm high 862mm wide 490mm deep including cabinet 1560mm high day & night heating ceramic + basking bulb controlled by habistat digital themostat superain misting system lucky reptile timer cricket keeper fake plants ect little bit of water...
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    4 months old medium viva vivarium and cabinet comes with habistat digital twin channel thermostat super rain misting system basking bulb and ceramic bulb uv lighting blue led for night viewing branches plants cricket keeper and more tel 07809 111663
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    Here is my female royal python, born late this year at around July. She's stunning and a perfect first snake. Very placid like all royals, shedding and pooing perfectly. She started out as a bad eater but is now eating fine, has ate her two last large mice. I will swap for: Exo Terra...
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    This is the Rhino mid sized arboreal Viv for sale (850mm wide, 700mm high, 600mm deep). Used for about 6months and now gathering dust in my garage so sensible offers :gasp: Reptile Forums - GreenTreePython's Album: Rhino Viv for sale
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    In need of a tall viv with the minimum measurements of 4ft long and 3ft high, please message me if you have one available
  8. Snakes
    hey guys I am hoping to get a coastal carpet python hatching on Friday, I'm very excited. :Na_Na_Na_Na: I have set up a temporary RUB for him. It is a 42L rub, I have 2x half coconut hides for him, one on cool side and one on warm side. I am using a heat mat that covers 1 third of the RUB and...
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    hi i have an aboreal viv for sale. it measures w50xd45xh55cm. it has a little swelling to the bottom panel which i have replaced so is now white not oak.but it works fine. would make a good step-up for small snakes or lizards. i am asking £25. no offers. collection from kettering northants ps...
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    I bought this a month ago but only used it for 2 weeks. 3 foot high, 2 foot deep and 2 foot wide aboreal viv in beech, perfect condition, come with a few logs, heat light and fitting, and uv starter with uv bulb, £60 ono, may swap, no beardies, thanks
1-10 of 10 Results