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    Anyone have experience with this kind of sore on an African Clawed Frog? I noticed it 2 days ago and it appears to be getting worse. I started with a 70% water change, and treated with aquarium salt, melafix and pimafix. Is there anything else I should look at doing? He's been flipping around...
  2. Amphibians
    Hi, after a bit of a hiatus from keeping many herps I'm getting back into the hobby and recently I saw some healthy dwarf acf in a local shop. I bought what they had, sadly only 3 left. They've settled in real fast and are doing great. Unfortunately they are all males, so I was hoping anyone...
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    Newly morphed, ready for collection only from near Newport , South Wales in two weeks once they have been grown on a bit, £2 each they are a mix of albino, golden albino and reticulated albino, cant tell what they will be atm, any patterning will develop with growth. Pic of the mum below...
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    Albino African Clawed Frogs Group of 4 Xenopus including a breeding pair, in Southampton.
  5. Amphibians
    Can anyone give my sister any more advice than I have? She has 1x 4year ols Albino Clawed Frog whose tank goes green with algae within a couple of days of a water change - the gravel, ornaments and glass get covered :-( I've checked she's not over feeding; that's she's using water...
  6. Amphibians
    I got my first ACF on Friday and He (well I think its a he but hard to tell as he is so tiny - about 50p coin size) seems a quiet but happy little frog :2thumb: Has anyone got any tips for me? Also I've had to take out all the slate substrate I put in as I was scared of him getting squashed...
  7. Amphibians
    I am trying to find somewhere to a buy a pigmented African Clawed Frog. Does anyone know of anywhere or any private breeders they can put me in touch with? Thank you.
1-7 of 7 Results