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ackie ridge tail monitor
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    After very much thought I'm considering selling my trio of ackies 1 male 2 females All 2 years old Doing everything they should May include set up No swaps, offers or trades thanks Mail me for more info
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    Regretfully having to sell my adult pair of Yellow Ackies. Produced 12 eggs in their last clutch but my incubator failed :( Great monitors and will really miss them but forthcoming vets bill forces some difficult sales. £ set up. E-mail: [email protected] for more info...
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    Anyone selling baby ackies at Doncaster show? Looking for 2 preferably CB10 Would like to arrange collection. Please PM me with prices
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    I'm selling my adult male ackie as i have his hatchlings growing up fast so i need the room. He had a number of front toes missing when i had him but causes him no problems at all. He has been kept as a breeder and not a pet so would require some handlind to become 'cuddly tame' but he has no...
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    For sale is my 1 year old male Ackie (ridge tailed monitor). This little guy is a lively monitor and VERY food orientated. He has a full tail but is missing two toes on his back left foot. This does not hamper him whatsoever, just watch him race after crickets at feeding time-this is his...
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    Ok so I am probably going to get an ackie within 2 weeks and need to know some somewhat basic stuff so maybe you guys could help me out? 1) I have heard they don't need UV lighting. Is this true? I know a lot of monitors have been kept and bred without UV but is this the same for ackies? the...
1-6 of 6 Results