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    Hi I have a nearly three year old male ackie and I’m looking for a lovely lady friend for him if anyone knows of any or has one or possibly two many thanks
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    Hello, My beloved Ackie monitor Doug has a strange wound on her leg, I'm very worried that it could be YF or something else as the scales around the wound have turned white, She has a vet appointment for next week Wednesday but I'm very worried, if anybody has ever seen a wound like this...
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    Young male Red Ackie available. German bred linage. Typical red attitude but very nice looking animal. Does have kink at base of tail but definitely a fit strong animal. Collection from Hertfordshire. £350. Pm me if interested.
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    Yellow Ackie monitor lizard, thought to be a male, 3yrs old. Reasonably tame, hand feeds looking for £225 ono, I'm only selling as I'm looking for another Iguana. Near Louth Ln110pd [email protected] 07305187778
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    i got my ackie monitor a week ago now only seems to eat a little amount has about 2 standard crickets. i have at the moment locusts mealworms crickets and waxworms but only as a treat but dont seem to be intrested in them hot spot is at 125 humidity is 70 any ideas he is about 5months old in a...
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    yellow adult rescue that ive had for many years,hes missing some toes but doesnt hold him back,hes fathered lots of babies so excellent if you have a lonely female,temp ok can be lively until out of viv
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    Hello everyone! Proud owner of a Yellow Ackie. About 4 years old now. Due to unfortunate personal circumstances, I had to leave the UK in early December, and couldn't bring my dear lizard with me. I had to leave him with someone, and didn't get my Monitor back until the beginning of February...
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    Hi, I have a 14 month old make Ackie monitor for sale or trade. He's been housed with his brother since I've had him and although they get on fine at the moment I don't want to take any risks. He would have to go to a great home. Willing to discuss price or trade for a female of a similar age.
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    male ackie monitor approx. 4 years old in perfect condition
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    Hi people! Unfortunately I don't have the time I initially had to take care of my Ackie monitor. Male, 6 year old (See pic) I'm not into this for money, I have spent a lot on this setup, the vivarium is from provivs and cost over 150 on its own, lamps and setup take this to over 250. 5ft x...
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    Hi Everyone, I thought I would add my Ackie care guide to the forums! Let me know what you think and subscribe if you enjoy!
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    Just searching for anyone within a 50mile radius; London, Bedfordshire, Herfordshire, Buckinghamshire. Has any of the following for sale: 1) Sexually Mature Female Varanus Acanthurus' (Looking for 5). 2) Proven Pairs/Trios of Timorensis/Pilbarensis. 3) Young Timor/Pilbar Monitors. Also willing...
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    Hi all. So I've been the proud owner of a 7-month old Red Ackie Monitor for two weeks now. His name is Max and is an adorable guy. When I first got him, he wasn't eating or pooping too regularly, which may have been just the result of being in his new enclosure and being a little stressed out...
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    Hi, I am the owner of several pets, most recently 3 yellow ackie hatchlings. Just a few questions, first of all I have a 150 gallon tank for my three ackies as adults. Is this large enough? Secondly they are currently all three in a 75 gallon tank, when should I move them to their adult tank...
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    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows what the substrate composition is like for Ackie monitors in nature. I really want to get it as close as possible it seems I need substrate that allows for tunnels to hold shape, stay humid but also be breathable? If anyone could help point to some info on...
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    I am so sad to say that my darling ackie Ellie passed away. She was only 7 years old, and I don't know why she died... She had been sleeping a lot in the recent weeks, double the normal, but as she was eating normally, I didn't realise it was that serious. Thought maybe its just the changing...
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    2 years old has a few toes missing she came to me like this other than this she is in perfect health beautiful lil thing
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    Hi there I have a June 2018 male ackie for sale (Varanus acanthurus or ridge tailed monitor), he is well marked and developing nice red colour now. I would like £120 for him please, buyer must collect from near Bristol or can courier at buyers cost. Please email me at [email protected]
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    Hello, I'm Waylon. I bought a young ackie juvie a month ago or so. I cant supply pics, I'm on a work computer and my cellphone wont be on til friday, (had to pay for him :) but he's in a 75 gallon tank until he grows. He's only 8" with tail. His substrate is mostly sand, with jungle mix and...
1-19 of 500 Results