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  1. Snakes
    ...I found this very interesting. Adders are mentioned half way through the piece. IMO the biggest hazard are deer ticks....I know someone in a wheelchair thanks to Lymes disease and I have spent time in hospital thanks to a deer tick bite. BBC News - Perils of the English countryside
  2. Snakes
    Here are a few reptile and amphibian shots from the last week. First up it has to be the Adders, they really are the stars of my local heath and it is always great to see familiar faces popping out every spring. I have been seeing some of these snakes since the late 90s. These specimens in...
  3. Snakes
    I know down south sightings of adders have already been recorded, but up in the central belt of Scotland they're only just started to appear. I have been out the last few days, and until today, I've only found common lizards. However, today yielded a total of four adders. What makes today...
  4. Snakes
    Took my son and a good wildlife photographer friend out adder watching today-to see if we could get some nice adder shots. Most of these were my mobile snaps, but when Bob Brindsurch( google his website if you like photographing wildlife!) sends me some more I'll pop them on. We found 5 adders...
  5. Reptile Shows & Breeder Meetings
    Hi folks, Have only just managed to settle on a date for Septembers meeting - it will be on Saturday 22nd September. We will not be able to have the large upstairs room, as there is a beer festival on that week :2thumb: however we can use the small snug downstairs. This month is going to...
  6. Snakes
    does anybody know the best time and place to look for adders or grass snakes. my horse is kept at a farm with quite a bit of bracken about so would that be a good place to start. any help would be much appreciated and i live in wales if that makes any difference. cheers
  7. Wildlife
    a couple of friends invited me to a location in London where Adders reside. having checked the weather forecasts, we decided goof friday was the best bet and met at 10.30 to start the adventure. the forecast was exactly right, it was sunny, but we were shedding layers of clothing before we...
  8. Wildlife
    I know they share the good basking sites - but this one is getting a tiny bit crowded?? :lol2:
  9. Wildlife
    As the post offices computer systems were down this afternoon and I couldn't dispatch orders I thought I'd take a walk, saw my first Adders for the year, a male & female pair coiled together: And the season for Toads on Roads is upon us, they've started to make their move slowly with a few...
  10. Wildlife
    I was viewing a house out in Teesdale this morning and decided to make a detour to a known adder spot. As it was spontaneous, I only had my camera phone, but I'll probably return next weekend and take some higher quality pics. I'm not great with sexing adders but I think all three are female...
  11. Hobby Issues & Information
    As well as hosting the breeders meeting at Doncaster on Sunday, our usual monthly meeting on Saturday 19th November is set to be a good one with our very own local 'adder lady' Sylvia Sheldon coming to give a talk titled 'Dancing with Adders'. Sylvia is a very interesting person who has been...
  12. Wildlife
    I live in Hastings in East Sussex, and was wondering if anyone knew anywhere around the area in East Sussex where I could go looking for adders to take photos. thanks kerrie
  13. Wildlife
    Went out to New Forest Reptile Centre today. Took some piccies and thought I would share.
  14. Snakes
    Hi all My step mum is moving her hores to a diffrent yard and where it is there is a pond and alot of long grass that we are cuting. Any way i found a snake shed about 2 and half food long maybe. I asked a momen that worked down there if she see's snake alot. She said yes and that they where...
  15. Wildlife
    Here's some photos from around Dumfries, I got some good ones of some adders Facebook
  16. Wildlife
    was out doing a Dartford Warbler survey this morning, while we were out on the heath we found a few adders also found a few sand lizard burrows one of which had was exposed and had 7 dead eggs :(
  17. DWA Species
    Adder thefts from Forest of Dean reported to police A study found the number of adders in the UK had declined since 2007 Police are investigating a report that four men were seen removing adders from a Gloucestershire tourist site. The group was spotted in the Forest of Dean by a member of...
  18. DWA Species
    Hi everyone. I visited both my favourite sites yesterday. The first one was quite disappointing with only a couple of Slow Worms and a few Viviparous Lizards spotted. I didn't expect there to be many Adders about once it had warmed up so I got there quite early but still failed to find any. The...
  19. Snakes
    Im planning on going to Cannock Chase (west midlands) tomorrow to see if I can spot any adders, common lizards or even grass snakes to take photographs of. Its supposed to be a nice warm day so im hoping ill be able to catch some basking on the rocks and sidewalks to try and get a few good shots :)
  20. DWA Species
    Wasn't sure whether to put these here or in the field herping section, but I'm sure a friendly mod will move them if they deem it necessary. I went out today with an interesting experiment in mind... would the Adders I see most days at my local patch accept a f/t fuzzy mouse as prey? I know...
1-20 of 30 Results