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adult beardie
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    Hi I have had my beardie for a year now, she only perks up when she gets live food. Ignores apple, kale, cucumbers, carrot, dandelion. She is very friendly, definitely female as laid eggs before I got her. Likes to wander around the living room when the dogs are locked out, likes a bath, sits...
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    hi, im getting a bearded dragon soon and i just wanted to know if it will be able to eat mealworms, the beardie will be an adult, i know you cant feed babies many mealworms but what about adults? would i be able to feed about 5 a day maybe? also is 110f okay for the basking temp? thanks :)
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    hi, we also have one of our adult male beardies for sale he was bought for £150 just for him and has bred fine with our two females. he isn't a normal ( but im unsure of his true name i can post a pic if needed proberly tomorrow ) hes a little skitty when you go to handle him but once hes out...
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    Really sad that i have to let them go. When i got them they were in a bit of a poor state, they have improved so much and are really active now, i didn't expect them to be a male and female and i don't intend on breeding them They have had eggs before which i froze. The female has a scar on her...
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    hi am looking for a companion for my one year old beardie, (have another viv setup available incase of personality clashes etc) so if anyone has one that needs rehoming reply and i will get back to u
1-5 of 5 Results