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  1. Spider and Invert Pictures
    thought id share a few pics of some beasts i have found during my last 3 Months in Sierra Leone mostly inverts but couple of strays in there too for interest. if you fancy ID'ing them fill your boots as i aint got a clue nor the time to look em up lol Enjoy! 1) 2)this wanted to share my...
  2. Snakes
    I kid you not. My friend is currently in Nanbia. He has uploaded this to Facebook this morning!
  3. Amphibian Classifieds
    TRUE GIANT AFRICAN BULL FROG (Pyxicephalus adspersus) YOUNG ADULT MALE CB 2012 8" (20cm)...and growing... Available for reservation to collect at Doncaster (not on display on the day - these bullies will bust out of any box you try to put them in and cause mayhem). I have several adults...
  4. Snakes
    Rare Albino Snake giving away for free. in London | Other Pets for Sale | Can anyone see a problem with this ad Seems legit to me:lol2:
  5. Wildlife
    Hi, at the end of this year I will be volunteering in a reptile park in South Africa for a month. I just wanted to ask a question to anyone else on here who may have done this kind of thing before.. I've been looking around at travel insurance and wondered if anyone knew of any companies...
  6. Wildlife
    Refer to video: - South Korea Zoo Animal Abuse - Pairing A Bear With Lions The only bear that was native to Africa was the Atlas bear that inhabited the Atlas mountain range. These have been extinct for over 2000 years. These guys even think its funny..sad. :whip:
  7. Lizards
    Hey guys! I went to Tanzania in July and I was just looking through some of the pictures I took and was wondering if anyone knew what this lizard was?
  8. Shop Classifieds
    Coast to Coast Exotics | Competition | "Behind the scenes" Chester Zoo | Africa Trip Competition! Free trip to Africa! Behind the scenes tours of Chester Zoo! To celebrate 2013 being the 20th anniversary of Coast to Coast Exotics we will start a series of competitions starting next month –...
  9. Snakes
    I was intrested in these piebalds for sale on some ad site and then got talking to the guy and he said he would be shipping from Cameroon and i will get it in 7 hours from my local airport. Has anyone done this before? then i got this email today after i expressed some concerns i clearly...
  10. Lizards
    Hi guys what reptiles do you find in africa and its deserts ???
  11. Snakes
    Just watched this last night when i couldn't sleep. Thought some on here might like it. Parts 1-5 Quite interesting. Love Steve Irwin he was great. Africa's Deadliest Snakes (Part 1) - YouTube Africa's Deadliest Snakes (Part 2) - YouTube Africa's Deadliest Snakes (Part 3) - YouTube Africa's...
  12. Exotic Mammals
    Does anyone know of anywhere in Hertfordshire that makes/sells Vivs suitable for an APH(4 - 5ft) at a decent price?
  13. Snakes
    Couldn't resist putting up some pics of our latest addition - an axanthic male from Africa. It will be a long haul to prove this guy out as a new line (or even genetic) but he is a wee stunner! Difficult to take a good picture of him so I put him alongside a blackback dinker from Africa for...
  14. General Herp Chat
    I am heading to South Africa in 7 days and was wondering whether it is likely that I will come across a venomous snake. Strange question I realise but I spend lots of time walking dogs in various UK countryside locations yet have only ever seen one grass snake in my life (26yrs). I am staying...
  15. Wildlife
    Ever wanted the chance to step into the boots of a South African Game Ranger & experience wildlife like never before? During 2011 Ventura Events is running 6 Day Game Ranger Course designed to give anyone with a passion for wildlife (18's & over only) the chance to experience life as a South...
  16. Snakes
    here's one that decided to breed early....a 2010 Lesser i hatched out in at 368g....breeding a 2500g African unknown. ....couple more months to see if he was shooting blanks or not Pitoon
  17. Exotic Mammals
    Been feeding these guys outside the house I'm staying at for about 6 weeks, they're getting pretty tame and let me get quite close now.. Are they any specific species??
1-17 of 24 Results