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african pigmy hedgehog
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    I always wanted an APH when I was literally running a zoo with Royals, Boas, FWC ect... Although didn't think I would have the time to dedicate enough time to a little APH. Although I unfortunately sold my collection of snakes over 2 years ago and now is the perfect opportunity to look into...
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    9 week old Female African Pygmy Hedgehog for sale, Chocolate/Grey Algerian. £150 including start up supplies (£120 without) UKAPH registered. She is the runt of the litter, she is slightly smaller then her siblings but a good weight for her size, she is extremely friendly and seeks to be touched...
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    Hi all, I just wanted to give a heads up out there to anyone looking for African Pygmy Hedgehogs in the South East/Guildford area. My Hedgepig Amelia has just had a litter of 4 beautiful squeaking babies on the 21/11/12. Mom and dad are both UKAPH registered and i will register the babies in a...
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    Looking to adopt a new member to the family. I currently have one very spoilt APH ages around 4 months. Looking for a hedgehog, preferably female but I'm not that bothered :) Any age, from 8 weeks - 8 years :) If the hog came with a cage & accessories that would be great. if not not to worry i...
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    Wanting an APH id prefer a female wanting any colour apart from albino with the red eyes will consider black eyed though cash waiting and can pick up in local areas
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    Ive decided to rehome my African Pygmy Hedgehog 'Truffle' as I dont spend as much time with him as I think he deserves. Hes s 2 years old Algerian Chocolate. He comes with a 3ft viv with 'pigloo' blanket, wheel, litter tray and food bowls aswell as remaining food I have. Ella
  7. Exotic Mammals
    I was researching these little hedgehogs out of curiosity really and found loads of care sheets saying they are solitary animals. This confused me a bit because I got the impression that quite a few people on here house a male and female together without problems? Or do people just have more...
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    Baby African Pygmy Hedgehogs Ready to go to their new homes. We have have the following colours: Choc Pinto Choc Snowflake Apricot All are female and 6-8 weeks old Price is: £75 each UK Delivery can be arranged. PM any Questions or Requests.
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    1 female albino Aph 1 pinto male Aph Both adult 3 young Aph from the above parents 2m 1f All eating cat biscuits mealworms etc I have the babies advertised in another thread see this for pics I'll put some pics of the adults up later £350 for the five
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    I have for sale 6 beautiful African Pygmy Hedgehogs, available to go new homes now, they are 9 weeks old eating and eliminating independantly. They all have their own personalities and are very charming, they are not 'huffy' and will unfurl for you. I have enclosed pics in my album wich I will...
  11. Exotic Mammals
    Hi there, I'm after a miniature hedgehog. I dont mind what age or what sex. Prefered not to be an albino. I live in South Wales. Also looking for all of the equipment, preferably something large. Thanks for your time...
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    We have four lovely pet hedgehogs looking for a good home. Nightrider, born 14/11/09 is the chocolate male and has had four good healthy litters. We also have three females, Mo (2/4/10) and Angel (11/4/10) are two of Nightriders but Toffee (10/4/10) is unrelated. All UKAPHR regisitered. Sorry to...
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    Swap Proven Male Pinto APH for Male Chocolate APH I have a cute 5 month old Male Pinto APH that I got with a group of APH I bought but he is related to my females and I would like to swap him for an unrelated male. He is registered. He is pictured here but is bigger than that now. Bit on the...
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    For sale i have a selection of Chocolate Pinto African Pygmy Hedgehog, Currently 1 week old on 14/07/10 and will be ready for sale 18th August 2010. they will be UKAPHR registered with the name of your choice. they will be handled daily and can be seen with the mum. will put pics of the babies...
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    :flrt:A very loving home seeks an APH in the Norfolk/Suffolk/Cambridgeshire area. Or if failing that, one that can be couriered, although I have no idea how this actually works:blush: Thanks
1-15 of 15 Results