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african rock python
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    Hi all, I have a patternless African Rock Python available. About 4.5ft long, fairly even tempered, hisses a bit (as they do) but never bitten. Sex unknown. I shall get pics up tonight when I'm back from work. £175 Collection from Chelmsford in Essex, or buyer to arrange a reptile courier...
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    Stunning female and ready to breed. Grown slowly by us so as to keep her fit and well toned. Feeding on defrost medium rabbits or 2kg chickens. She is fine to handle not aggressive or snappy and not too large so easily handled. Length approx 9ft (she is pictured in a 50 litre rub). Needs a 5ft...
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    I have the following snakes for sale: Male African Rock Python - CB 2010 - £75 ONO This snake has been grown on slowly and is now approximately 8 foot in length. He hisses when approached but has never attempted to strike so far. Requires an owner that is experienced with large snakes and is...
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    11 ft female african rock python. 2 time proven breeder. slight scaring from breaking her heat guard but sheds fine. need her gone in the next few days as i am going to uni and cant take her with me.
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    You missed the best bits (It was elephant sized :sick:) so here is the boring bits. Plus the twins <3 I think i may have 'Aspen Lung:gasp:' PS Sorry, i tended to ramble in this video :blush:
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    i am selling both my CB12 and my adult Afrock females. CB12 is between 5 and 6 feet long. eats large rats every 10 days. great to handle but can be a little squirmy when first picked up. has never attempted to bite. asking for £120. the adult is a two time proven breeder, roughly 11 feet...
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    I have a male CB12 18 month old African Rock python available , Just over 6ft long, he is healthy, doing everything he should be and is very friendly, he has the temperament of a docile Burmese python, never struck or bitten me, has the odd hiss but that's about it. I would prefer him to go to...
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    It seems unless you are a human, you are guilty until proven innocent. Such a shame the animal was killed. Snake deaths now a murder investigation
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    Thought I would post a couple of photographs I took of her this morning, nothing special, and I haven't bothered editing them at all. Jinx is just 7 months old, she's already had 3 owners prior to me, and in that time has unfortunately picked up a few scars/marks which I'm hoping will heal in...
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    Thought I'd upload a couple of quick phone pictures of my new addition, a lovely little female afrock.
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    As above. Done alot of handling with him and now quite tame for an afrock. Around 7/8 ft. Sheds and poos fine. Something of a picky eater. Loves quail, not so keen on rodents though. Only selling as I need the space and the money.
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    Been thinking and researching a while now and want to replace my lost Burm with a Rock Python. Would prefer male (For obvious reasons lol ) A Natalensis rather than Sebae would be ideal. Thanks guys.
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    looking for female african rock python 6 ft or larger - Consider males please comment on post with price size and if possible a picture. will sort collection details after spoken to seller many Thanks Bobbie.
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    as title states I'm after a cb12 burm or arock baby - Norm african rock or depending on price would love a patternless Burm after a granite or hypo (plain old hypo will do doesnt have to be het for anything) ideally a male. Not looking to spend mega bucks as not looking to breed just after a...
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    Very reluctant sale! Going for no fault of his own, He's a great snake. I just don't have the time he deserves. Feeds, sheds and poos fine. around 5ft long, 2 years old. Had this snake for around 18months. Fairly typical af rock temperament, not viv defensive and fine to handle, but can get...
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    Figured we would just collect all out python photos up and keep a copy of them on here so we have a reference for the future and everyone can enjoy some nice photos. should point out, for new photos of stock we always use facebook first then the forums later if they dont sell to our local...
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    moved into a new house a couple of days ago and was planning on getting myself a burm but this nice male afrock came up for sale and had to have him. hes around 5ft quite hissy and was striking the viv doors but he had just been taken out of a pillow case, hes now quietly curled under the heat...
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    Hi all wanting to find a adult female african rock python to go with my male please message me with any offers thanks for looking :blush:
1-18 of 53 Results