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    patternless African rock python for sale male about 6 ft approx will need experienced owner defensive not used to be handled selling as got it as female, but it turned out to be male
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    1.0 black head python £350 0.1 10ft albino burmese (very friendly) £150 0.1 10ft african rock python (clutch this year) £150 0.1 sub adult hypo boa £80 1.1 cb15 (late) white line albino carpet pythons £500 1.1 cb15 grown on zebra carpet pythons £200 1.0 false water cobra sub adult £100 1.1...
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    0.1.0 2 years old yellow anaconda- £220 with 2ft full setup 1.0.0 1 year old HOGS reticulated python- £250 with RUB full setup 0.1.0 under 1 year patternless African rock python- £170 with full RUB setup. 1.0.0 5 years old spiny tailed monitor lizard- £100 0.1.0 1.5 years old Giant Gambian...
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    I have the following for sale that I need to sell as soon as possible. I'm willing to do deals on multiples and I will also consider offers. No trades please. I am able to deliver within London, but can not deliver outside London. Couriers must be organised by buyers at their own expense...
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    11 ft female african rock python. 2 time proven breeder. slight scaring from breaking her heat guard but sheds fine. need her gone in the next few days as i am going to uni and cant take her with me.
  6. Snakes
    You missed the best bits (It was elephant sized :sick:) so here is the boring bits. Plus the twins <3 I think i may have 'Aspen Lung:gasp:' PS Sorry, i tended to ramble in this video :blush:
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    i am selling both my CB12 and my adult Afrock females. CB12 is between 5 and 6 feet long. eats large rats every 10 days. great to handle but can be a little squirmy when first picked up. has never attempted to bite. asking for £120. the adult is a two time proven breeder, roughly 11 feet...
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    due to needing to downsize a little byron my male afrock is up for sale. cb10 and around 7ft he eat's, shed's an poo's as he should although has gone off rat's but eat's guinea pig's/rabbit's he is pretty good with handling but can be quite vocal and definitely does have his off day's...
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    Male African Rock Python for sale. 6ft, good feeder. Poops and sheds well. Tamest Afrock you will ever meet! Taunton Open to Offers.
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    Adult male granite burmese python - underweight didnt feed for almost 10 months but back on track now eating quail followed by a small rabbit every 3-4 weeks. Afrock 8' pair, experienced keepers only - Open to sensible offers Male Tiger Retic 2012 7-8' great snake. Het Amel from a...
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    Statement on the Deaths of Two Young Boys in Canada A terrible tragedy involving the deaths of two young boys in Canada deeply saddens the reptile keeping community. We extend our deepest sympathies to the family of the victims. While the full facts of the incident have not yet been released...
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    silly tame afrock well was till he hit about 7ft
  13. Wildlife
    Please refer to link: - Snake kills Leopard Not seen this one before, thought id share!
  14. Snakes
    Thought I would post a couple of photographs I took of her this morning, nothing special, and I haven't bothered editing them at all. Jinx is just 7 months old, she's already had 3 owners prior to me, and in that time has unfortunately picked up a few scars/marks which I'm hoping will heal in...
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    Thought I'd upload a couple of quick phone pictures of my new addition, a lovely little female afrock.
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    Hi i am looking for an adult female afrock. 10 foot + considered. I will pay good money for the right snake. thanks for your time.
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    Was led to believe this was a burm till I went to get it. I thought it was ok when looking it over, but being inexperienced with afrocks I'll admit I didn't really know what I was looking for, health wise. I know I've made a mistake taking it, so I don't want a hard time off you lot about it...
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    up for sale we have our 5-6ft male african rock python 100% het patternless sheds perfect and feeds every 2 weeks on a large rat handles great, has never bitten at all seriously is the best afrock i have ever seen £175 delivery can be arranged throughout uk and to major...
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    what are the main ways of visually telling P.sebae and P.natalensis apart. ??
1-19 of 77 Results