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    I'm am selling a male normal aft as I don't need two males. I can send pictures on request.
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    We have limited amount of these African fat tails ready in two weeks, once they our 12 grams then they can be shipped anywhere in uk via Steve's reptile courier service Please send me a message if you would like any best wishes. White out oreo's £1500 Oreo's £800 Zulu het oreo poss caramel...
  3. Lizards
    I have googled pics of leo's and African fat tailed Geckos, I cant see a differance! is there one? I thought that AFT's had a more stumpy fat tail that didnt taper off at the end.
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    I'm looking for some adult female AFT's, if anyone has any for sale then please pm with details and I'll get back to you. Preferably within West Midlands. Cheers
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    hiya i can not think of a name for my female african fat tail gecko. ive bin thinking for about 4 days now. and cant come up with a name for her.? can anyone help me
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    WANTED AFRICAN FAT TAIL GECKOS been looking for african fat tail geckos for ages and ages n ages there mostly sold up north but i am willing to travel no more than the top of london ( i meant he out skirts of london lol)
1-6 of 6 Results