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    Still some small adult CB late 2015 available. Also some smaller late 2016 hatchlings at £25 each. Pic shows an adult male. Females browner but with larger yellow spots. Feeding on chopped greens, veggies and insects. Needs a rocky desert type vivarium.
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    2015 CB L. s. picea juveniles. These eat veggies as well as the usual insects. Great little characters. Email me for photos. Thanks, Chris
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    I have for sale my 2 female red head agama lizards. Very friendly very active lizards. Eating and everything else as they should, they have massive appetites and eat a full box of locusts every other day. That can eat medium to small roaches (b.dubia), large crickets, large locusts and wax or...
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    CB 2014 sub adults available. Nicely coloured and interesting species. Feeding on insects plus chopped veggies. Please email me for further details or photos. Thanks, Chris
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    1 Male and 1 Female spiderman agamas. Very healthy lizards, eating, pooing and shedding as they should. Comes with the full setup required (3ft vivarium and lighting plus habistat) the only reason for the sale is I'm looking to downsize my reptile collection.
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    i have 2 lovley shield tailed agamas they are currently in a 4 ft L x 1.5ft D what would be the best type of tank for these. it is not very deep so i cant give them the room to dig much was thinking of getting a glass viv one that is abit smaller in length but deep enough to burrow. i cant seem...
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    Captive bred 2015 grown on youngsters for sale. £65 each. These are feeding well on insects and veggies. Parents are nicely coloured - tried to upload pics but failed. Email me and I will send you pics. Chris: [email protected]
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    CB13 Starred Agamas Males & Females £35 Each *OFFER £30* CB12 Adult Starred Agamas £80 per Pair* OFFER £75*
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    I have some 2014 captive bred orange spot agama (picea) youngsters for sale. Feeding on insects and mixed greens and veggies. Can send pics by email.
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    Ive got 3 young trapelus savgnii agamas available. All live together, similar care to a beardie. Maybe just a hotter basking area. Eating livefood and veg very well. These are very docile aswell. £20 each or the trio for £50. Huddersfield.
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    i have 4 painted agamas for sale 1 proven pairing cb2012 1 new pairing Cb 2013... All very healthy, no issues. beautiful little agamas pics available via e-mail. PM for details Can be collected from Tamworth or Kempton show
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    LIZARDS: Sudan Plated Lizard x2 Males Avaliable £59 Each Long Nosed Leopard Lizard (Gambelia wislizenii) £150 a trio (x2 Trios Avaliable) CB14 Blue Tongue Skinks Unsexed (x5 Avaliable) £150 Each CF14 Bosc Monitors Unsexed (x4 Avaliable) £60 Each CB14 Panthers Chameleons Females £100 Each CB13...
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    A collage of a variety of cool Agamas, including some rarer species! Big thanks to the user Seamus for showing me his lizards! Click the following link to see the rest: Seamus's Agamas Hope you enjoy the photos :2thumb:
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    Adult and young starred agamas available. Adults £100 for a trio - one male and two females. Youngsters £15 each. Omnivorous - will eat insects and veggies. Great display lizards.
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    It measures approximately 4ft (L) x 34ins (H) x 18ins(W) (116cm x 85cm x 45cm). Hand made one inch thick inch contiplas vivarium. Has rockwork built in on back and both sides. This looks really good and is solid, it can be left as is or painted to the colour of your choice. Has one light fiting...
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    If so which ones have you got also how active are they also a basic caresheet please
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    Please see below our current lizard stock list. All major credit cards accepted, shipping can be arranged if you are not local to the area, please contact us to discuss this. LIZARDS IN STOCK CB2013 Blue Bar amilobe panther chameleons, male £165, females £145. CB2013 Yemen Chameleons...
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    CB Laudakia stellio - £25 juveniles, £20 hatchlings. Interesting, active, omnivorous lizards which breed readily.
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    A group of four painted agamas, one male and three females. Originally wild caught but now very tame. They are used to having the run of the living room so need a viv with plenty of space to run around in. They do not come with a viv.
1-19 of 39 Results