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    Young female golden phase White Lipped Python (Leiopython albertisi) feeding on mouse fluffs. I bought 3 D'albert's at Hamm & Houten; an yearling German-bred male and two young females from a Czech breeder to pair with. As such, these aren't likely to be related to many others in the UK. I am...
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    07 female white lipped python (Leiopython albertisii) for sale, about 6ft long and can be feisty to handle. £350 or may trade/partial trade for Boiga cyanea Picture is pre shed, normally even brighter and more iridescent.
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    The other day I went into an exotic pet shop and came across one of these beautiful snakes and I couldn't resist picking it up. I felt bad for the poor animal as I could see the tank they had set up for it was not sufficient. I had no idea at the time exactly how much they were neglecting the...
1-3 of 3 Results