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albino burm
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    Selling my male Albino Burm. He's a small lad. Was purchased as a possible dwarf a couple of years ago but ive been told that his markings dont fit that... He's a beautiful boy and eats medium rats every 7/14 days. Does everything a healthy snake should. Only selling as trying to drastically...
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    CB14 Albino Burmese Python Female £150
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    Sad sale but after some soul searching I've decided to minimize my collection of snakes. I've decided to move away from the Spartan style of keeping that tends to be snakes (not judging or accusing anyone just how i feel now) and instead have less animals in larger display style enclosures...
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    Sadly selling due to unforeseen change in circumstances Female 2011 BCI 5+ foot. Feeds, sheds and poops as she should. Really chunky healthy girl. £80 ono (Sorry...
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    Albino male burmese python 7ft long unsure of true age but got told 4yrs+ so gonna stay small, nice looking burm got him in a package deal but concentrating on just my boas. can email pics pm me.
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    Decided to have a deep clean today so I took some updated pictures whilst I was at it. Some of them are very fast so some pictures aren't the best! The Boa's first. This is Nico. Been suffering with an RI recently and has lost his appetite. He's starting to perk up again now though :2thumb...
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    Cutting down on breeding this year. I have a 12ft male thats just come out of a cold so not at his best but just needs some extra time and attention and getting back into his routine. I have had him since 05 and has proven out lots of times. Looking for cash preferably but will look at swaps of...
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    eating and shedding fine, as in title around the 8 foot mark and stunning markings. Will get pics up asap
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    We need to make a little more space for our larger snakes so we are sadly parting with a few of the smaller snakes Female 2012 snow stripe £30 female 2012 snow het stripe £25 female 2012 normal with a small amount of aztec 100% het amel and stripe £15 female amel het hypo lavender £20 Male...
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    I have forsale a 8-9ft albino burm 100%het labrynth male Eating xl rats or guinea pigs no problem,,not great to handle but ok If confident with it ..only selling as already have a male het lab £120 ono no swaps unless its a retic maybe
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    I'm looking for a young albino Burm the younger the better. So if you have one for sale let me know. Thanks
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    This gal passed away a few years ago, But I still love her. I won't forget her. She was pretty old gal. She was around 16-17 feet-ish I never really measured her honestly. Probably around 170-200 lbs (guessing)
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    Here is Commodus my beautiful albino burmese python, I picked him up about an hour ago from Dwarf Gaz on here. He sat so still while I held him at Gary's house but as soon as a camera comes out he went nuts lol.
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    Very docile handled daily Feeds every time, on rats weekly at the mo Not interested in swaps
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    Very docile and tame Feeds weekly on rats Around 4.5FT Not interested in any swaps £100
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    Hi, would love to get myself a albino burmese.. Preferably very young. Any ideas of decent prices?
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    after a lot of humming and arring i have decided i really want another burm so im on the look out for a nice female albino burm so if you have one for sale please let me know willing to travle for the right one many thanks
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    Hi guys, Im selling my cb11 male albino burm, he is 100% het granite aswell. Hes a fantastic snake great to handle and does everything perfectly. Feeds on small/medium rats every 7-10 days. hes getting on for 4ft Im not interested in swaps as im making room for my boas, I have a few new...
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    As the title says i'm having to sell my cb11 Female albino 100% het for labirynth burm, as the wife isn't keen on having two burms in the house, so we have agreed on one, eats fine, poo's and sheds as she should too i'd say she is touching the 3 ft mark i will have to confirm this first tho. i'm...
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    As title says, young male albino burm, eats df adult mice or weener rat every week. Shed, poops fine. In shed at moment £90 ono
1-20 of 43 Results