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albino burmese python
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    Hi guys looking to sell my male 100% het for green albino burmese python. hes around about 5 years old had him since he was a hatchling. bought him from a breeder on here jen webb. hes about 10-11 feet long. selling due to moving out of the country work commitments. and i wont have time to look...
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    I have for sale a young Albino Burmese Python it is around 2.5-3' in length easy to handle (typical young burm) when it came to me it had a burn / scarring on it which has now healed and is almost completely regenerated. Will only sell to a knowledgeable keeper, does not include set up (proof...
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    CB14 Albino Burmese Python Female £150
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    Very pretty little girl,feeding well and growing nicely
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    Lovely tame burm feeding on large defrosted rats around 10 ft will consider swaps
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    Female albino burm 4ft ish cb12 For sale as I'm getting into breeding royals and the Missus doesn't want me having something that gets so big. Only had her a month :( Puppy dog tame, a but skittish and hissy why you first pick her up but once out she is lovely Feeds on medium rats every 10...
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    Hi, I have a pair of Albino Burmese Pythons for sale. CB11. They have not been proven. Lovely temperament. Eating x - large rats or small rabbits every month. Shedding & pooing no problem.
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    These are shop bred from our breeding pair of albino Burmese, they are extremely high contrast and stunning! They have now had 6 consecutive strike feeds and are ready to go to their forever homes! Sexing is available free of charge. Our shop is based in Shipley and it would be preferred for...
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    Hey I am looking for an albino burmese python, het. Green would be a bonus. Preferably an adult. Happy to pick up from reasonable location or will pay fuel cost :) thanks
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    Hi my albino burmese python he has mite iv been trying to get rid of them for a good couple of weeks now and they just won't go from what I see theses not a look but knowing that they like to go under the scales and iv been useing some stuff from pets at home but it don't work so I throu it away...
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    hi i have for sale my pair of albino burmese pythons(just fed so will add pics after they've digested there food :),male is around 6.5ft and female is around 8-9ft,both have great temperaments,im looking to sell or swap for royal morphs,let me know what you've got
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    Hello, I have a Albino burmese hatchling for sale he/she has a great temperament and is a amazing eater. She lives in a 3ft tank at the moment with aspen as substrate and water dish and hides and plants to make him/her feel safe. She is eating rat pups at the moment but soon will be able to...
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    As it says on the tin, or in the title, 10-11ft male Albino. Nice and tame, grown slow and natural so nice and lean and muscular. Not really in a great rush to sell but he doesn't really fit any short term plans. Would preferably want to swap for young female Kahl albino or sunglow BCI, young...
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    Hi guys, in my local pet shop he has a (what he calls) an albino Burmese. This snake is very orange tho and even has a fair amount of pink in it. Will this snake loose its colour as it ages as it is only a hatchling right now it have I luckily stumbled across a morph and a naive seller? Thanks guys
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    Trio of burms 1 male 2012 albino £100 1 Female 2012 albino £130 1 female normal het albino, lab £110 For This weekend I will accept £250 on the trio
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    Hey guys, I have a 3ft Burmese python for sale. In great condition eats like crazy! and poos great:D Any other informatiom give me a buzz. Cheers Dave.
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    CB12 albino granite. Had him a week or so now, very hissy in his viv but lovely when he's out, so docile and inquisitive. Me and my partner have discussed getting one for a while, have the space and done all the research, so when we saw him advertised at a fair price, went to see him and I fell...
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    around 8ft feeding well,very tame ,lovely snake
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    Hi, i am sadly selling my albino male burmese python, he is around 4 foot long and eating/shedding/pooing fine he is tame and can be handled with ease he hisses when being removed from his viv but is fine once out. The reason for the sale is i am going travelling soon so im afraid he has to go...
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    for sale female cb12 albino 50% het green burmese python sheds and handles fine feeds on mice and chick will come with paperwork. £85 collection from witham essex or i can courier for £35
1-20 of 53 Results