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albino green
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    I have for sale whats left of my collection.... 06 Male Albino Green £200 ONO, about 7ft, fantastic temprement, will eat rats, small guinies and small rabbits...not at all fussy! Can go woth full set up £400 (black 4'2'3' black viv, ceramic bulb and holder, gaurd, habistat pulse stat and gurded...
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    just grabbed a couple of phone snaps of my male bino green burm chilling out in front of the tv with me, this lad is so lovely! and beautiful with it! :2thumb: not great quality pics but thought I would share anyway.
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    these four are, if I`m completely honest....the favorites of my entire collection! I really can`t wait until they are big enough to breed! (the first couple may well go next season! :flrt:) male = hypo 100% het granite and 50% het albino female = granite 66% het albino
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    Ok so its day 54 and my Burms have started to hatch. The first one looks to be an Albino Green :2thumb: Lets hope the others follow out soon
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    Both cb11 brilliant feeders, can be hissy but fine when out, never bit and never stuck (unless it's food) Pm for details or phone 07890993670 Gutted for selling them but need the money and room for more boas and retics! I'll get some pics up later, Thanks for looking!!
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    Hi there! any one will come to i h s doncaster 6th of november with albino green burm female for sale???
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    Hi there any one have for sale albino green female?? what age price and temperament? WANTED!!!
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    7ft extremley tame and feeds well on medium/large rats, poo's and sheds etc well
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    hi guys possibly selling my believed to be female albino green burm :gasp: cant be 100% sure as ive never had her probed.........she is a dream to handle and eats like a pig lol around 7ft
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    FIRST OF ALL NO TIME WAISTER..... to people who are interested i have a albino green burmese python up for grabs this guy is amazing and this is gonna be very hard for me to let go as i have had this guy for a while and love him,, however he now dose not fit into any plans for breeding(IF HE...
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    Hi We are cutting our collection down and as we dont have a female to breed him to we are considering selling our male albino green burm. He has gone through a hissy period and can still hiss when being removed from viv, he is very fast but has never gone to bite. He is around 7ft and i was...
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    I am looking for a green burmese python to add to my collection. I am also looking for albino Labirynth burmese aswell so if u are selling please get in touch.
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    After alot of considderation, Im affraid to say I will be selling my 08 Male Albino Green, He's such a lovly snake and it will be shame to say goodbye, But sadly we have more complicated sankes to focus on at the mo..... Any ways, "Jakey" (I no how ironic) Is a lovely, tame, stunning lil...
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    Albino Green (200 pounds): - male - approx 5ft to 6ft Normal (100 pounds): - female - approx 6ft to 7ft looking for a quick sale. pls pm for pics and more details if desired thanks, Tom
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    Moving house in about 6 weeks so thinking of selling these two. not entirely sure yet, but i dont know how much space im gonna have at new house. so i have 1 x Adult female 11ft Albino green, perfect temperment, feeding on rabbits. 1x Breedable male Albino green, he's 8ft viv defensive but...
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    As above sloppy tame shedds and poos fine, bit of a bugger to get to eat frozen but will eat it , and seems to like live better. pic to come Im going to stick with my royals and corns so pm me if intressed .
1-16 of 16 Results