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albino tiger retic
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    Male 2014 Lavender Albino Tiger Retic around 10ft Healthy and friendly, eats a rabbit every two weeks without fail and sheds without a problem. Only for sale as im reducing the size of my collection. Can arrange delivery at additional cost
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    2011 albino tiger retic male 6ft plus £225
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    seen a few retic threads and thought it would be nice to get some pics of mine up, the pics of the albino tiger are quite old...but she hasn`t changed much (apart from grown a bit) my 2010 albino tiger girl my adult male genetic stripe just darkened up for a shed (have included a pic of...
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    Due to a change in circumstances I have for sale my male cb10 albino tiger retic 5/6ft good feeder, great temperament, sheds and poos great.
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    I have a male albino tiger retic cb10 5/6ft that I thinking of swapping or doing a deal for a adult female boa morph ie kahl albino, motley, jungle etc and may be hogg islands, not common or other normal boas. so pm me if u r interested and with what u have to offer.
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    my lavender tiger retic at feeding time tonight, couldn`t get any rabbits this month so its multiple rats, thought I would get some snaps of her taking the first one... after launching herself out of the viv! :lol2: then these next lot were after I helped her back into the viv lol...she...
1-6 of 6 Results