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alligator snapping turtle
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    Male Alligator snapping turtle for sale 6 years old shell measures 10 inches top to bottom. Experienced keepers that can look after him long term in an indoor pond that is prepared before collection for the welfare of the turtle. inbox for more info and pics as i cant seem to upload on here many...
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    Never missing feeding always fishing nice specimen. 8" carapace Alligator snapping Turtle £400
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    0.0.1 Baby alligator snapping turtle. Fantastic eater, raised on lance fish, crickets, locusts and mealworms - due to this, it accepts a variety of food. These guys grow BIG so please do your research before buying! :-D can be couriered at buyer's expense. Please PM me for more details. Thank you!
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    Alligator snapping turtle for sale, approx 1ft nose to tail. May be able to deliver locally. Previous experience would be a bonus, these get very big and have a nasty bite! Is handled currently. Will get a pic up as soon as I can get to a computer.
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    afther a big alligator snapping turtle 12 inch shell or bigger must be in perfect health and feeding ok ect... inbox me or reply thanks :2thumb:
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    Hi there just wanted to know the best source of vitamins I can give Rex I have cuttle bone for calcium and his reptomin that I give him is there any other really good vitamins I can buy for him thanks and hope to hear from u
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    Heres my Alligator Snapping Turtle.
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    My dads Koi pond has had visit from snakes, bull frogs, raccoons, herons, local stray cats and even a bob cat. We have problems keeping the fish alive for more than a few months. Two weeks ago we bought a fresh new set of gold fish and put them in the pond. A few days later they were all gone...
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    Hi can anyone help me find 1or2 very larg alligator snapper? with a shell length of ATLEAST 13inches long? i own the species already one of wich ive had for10years so it will be going to a good home with a very larg enclosure.:2thumb:
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    these are my favorite turtle!! and the only species i keep now.if any one has got any pics i would love to see them.cheers
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    Hey guys, any of you notice how rare and expensive AST are in the UK! I have been doing some research and im hopeing you guys can help some more. I will be able to get my hands on 100 AST's if im lucky... I need buyers... More info will come later but this is what I have so far: Young...
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    i am looking for an alligator snapping turtle, does any one know anyone who is selling or a shop to buy them in the uk. i have owned them before so will be a good home. thank you cecil
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    I will be taking my Alligator Snapping Turtle to sell at the show on Sunday 14th August at Kempton race course. The animal is unsexed, around 3-4 years old, feeding on rodents. It is around 8 inched in carapace length. Please only experienced keepers, these animals grow large and are very...
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    For sale is an Alligator Snapping Turtle (Macrochelys temminckii) at Kempton Park Reptile show 14th August 2011, next month. Feeding on mice. Sex unknown. Beautiful animal. Please be aware these turtle get very large (average shell size is 26inches weighing 80 kgs) and are not recommended as a...
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    Alligator snapping turtle around two and a half years 5 inch carapace. mint conditon all tail a little stunner eats great. Will take £300. Send me email and will send pics
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    For Sale Alligator Snapping Turtle (Macrochelys temminckii) Believed to be a female. Carapace 15cms total length 30 cms. Good feeder. Very aggresive. Experience keepers only please. Also note that these turtles get very large (in excess of 70cms carapace when fully grown). £250 (no...
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    I've had Sid for about a year now from a friend. He's about 12 years old at the moment with a shell span of about 10inches. Still a juvenile. He's shedding at the moment so I expect him to be moody and as predicted he's refused to eat which is apparently normal for him for a few weeks. I first...
1-18 of 23 Results