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amazon tree boa
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    Due to pregnacy we need to thin down our collect to make some space at home so we are listing some of our collection. Royals 1.0 Spider Lesser Adult Male - 50.00 (Pet home please) 1.0 Albino Adult Male - 120.00 0.1 het Albino Adult Female - 80.00 0.1 Calico Pastel Sub Adult Female - 150.00...
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    Hello, friends, I have decided on an ATB, and I have purchased all the necessary equipment for sound husbandry, (mistking, habistat radiant heat panel, full spectrum led, thermostat and digital thermo- and hygrometer) but as a novice I still have plenty of questions on setup, as I want the...
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    Hi I was wondering if anyone knows of a breeder for amazon tree boas in the UK, (preferable Scotland), and what sort of price point will I be looking at? I am looking at some of the more bright reds and oranges or maybe a Halloween for a nice display animal.
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    I have 1.2 amazon tree boas for sale 3 years old they are £100 each or £120 with a viv or £350 for the 3 with 3 vivs heating and a stat
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    Hi As the title suggests I'm selling an Amazon Tree Boa. He's about 2-3 years old. Bought him from Faunatech. Eats every time, sheds great, poops fine! Lovely yellow colour. Currently lives in a bio active terrarium. Selling due to change of personal circumstances. Pretty sure I paid £125...
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    Hi, I have a few own CBB 2015 Corallus caninus and Corallus hortulanus available for the upcoming Hamm show or Houten snake day. Feel free to send me an email if you are interested or if you have any questions: [email protected] Available - Dutch Arboreals Best Regards, Glenn
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    Garden/Halloween phase - £100 CB15, feeding regularly on Fuzzy mice weekly, slightly smaller than it's sibling due to the fact that it has only recently started taking on it's own. Rather snappy little guy, attitude should calm down in time with handling and patience etc. Orange Phase - £170...
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    For sale £150. **Update** Sexed as Male 21/04. 1.0 CB15 (August) Amazon Tree Boa (Corallus Hortulanus) and was originally my hold back from the litter. Feeding like a trooper but I only have the feeding records for the first 10weeks or so and as I was keeping it I didn't update...
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    CB13 Red garden phase Amazon tree boa Sex: Unknown. £120 O.N.O Fantastic feeder! & CB14 Yellow phase Amazon tree boa. Sex: unknown. £120 O.N.O Another fantastic feeder, much snappier than the red phase. No swaps, listening to sensible offers. Happy to deliver within 25 miles of B14. : victory:
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    Hi everyone, I'm going to be getting an ABT soon going to be using an exo terra tank. What do you recommend for lighting and heating? Thanks
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    Well the other day we had a nice little surprise in the reptile room. 4 healthy Amazon tree boa babies were born :mf_dribble::mf_dribble::mf_dribble: I think I am in love with all of them :D
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    I have a Amazon Tree Boa I'm thinking of moving on I bought it as a male but seller was unsure its a 2010. Halloween phase I was called. He isn't the nicest tempered snakey he has attitude I have had him since a baby and I'm in no rush to sell so new owner needs to understand the...
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    Hi, I'm getting an Amazon tree boa around August, I've been out the reptile game for about 5 years but always wanted a nice display viv with an atb in so I thought why not!? I Plan on getting the big exo terra (3foot High x3foot Wide x18" Deep), is this viv a sufficient size for one ATB? Im...
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    Hi, I used to be an avid reptile/invert collector from about 2004 - 2012, having corn snake, garter snake, beardies, tokays, chameleons, tarantulas, scorpions, mantids, and many other things. Basically i'm interested in getting back into it and having just one viv, where I go 'all out' to make...
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    Corallus Hortulanus!!!! Any one got any early cb15 litters or cb14's at the Donny show for sale??? Feel free to pm me details of what you have etc :2thumb: Cheers
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    I have the following for sale. Adult Burmese female proven 9 ft £50 Adult dwarf lavender retic female 10ft .8 years old proven £400 Adult tiger het genetic stripe retic male 8ft .£200 Well established2014 female 50%dwarf platinum het albino retic 4ft £200 1 male and 1 female 2013 striped blood...
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    I saw this chap and had to have him. My first and only snake purchase in years - I'd been doing well with my addiction up until then. Anyway, I gather he's 2 years old, and very sweet in temperament. Any thoughts on his colour? I've never seen a grey one with a red pattern before. Bets on the...
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    Just a quick question about housing for an adult sized ATB. Would a 36x18x24 be sufficient? And if it were to be live planted how would it fair? Thanks.
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    Due to unexpected change of circumstances I am selling my yellow-striped female amazon tree boa. It's not a morph, just a colour variant - but she's a nice one at that - images of her are attached. She was a late '10 baby, feeds on small weaner rats, sheds and poops fine and is reasonably ok...
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    I'm just wondering if there is much of a market for CB amazon tree boas because I've got a female and I would love to find a male and breed them however I don't wish to be stuck with a litter of animals I can't shift for love nor money
1-20 of 190 Results