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amel corn for sale
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    Corn snake amel 10,M,273g feeds on med mice every Sunday missed one meal since hatchling. Great snake loves coming out and being handled sorry for the old photo his in shed at the moment
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    Reposting to make the thread a bit cleaner. For sale is our 08 male amel corn snake. Recently he has got quite viv defensive and can bite when getting him out of his viv, however once out, he is usually fine. For this reason I'd like him to go to someone who can handle him more and will be...
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    I am selling the pair of amels I got from the Donny show, they have a good feeding response and since I've had them never missed a feed. Also they have both shed in 1 peice in the last month. Female Male I'm looking for £25 for the pair.
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    For sale: One day only! Portsmouth I have an '09 Amel Stripe Female Corn For Sale. I'm down in Portsmouth today (staying for the weekend now) visiting a friend and I've got a possible Royal to buy, but need to sell the corn first if I were to buy the Royal. I'm looking for £30. Give me an...
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    Selling my 08 Amel corn (Iago), really dont want to sell him as I always wanted an amel and this gut is gawjus and really friendly but with the strong possibility of redundancy on the horizon im downsizing a bit :( So here we go... 08 Amel Corn Snake (Iago) - £20 Sold to me as a male but I...
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    Great feeder, handles very well, hatched 15/08/08 approx 12" with lucky reptile herp haven breeder box £ 50 pick up only
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    Choice of two snakes - Both males. Lovely Red/orange colours - even better than the photos. Approx 2 1/2 ft long. Very good temperment and easy to handle. Both feeding well. Only selling as we thought they were female! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Viewings...
1-7 of 7 Results