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amel cornsnake
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    4yr old amel cornsnake not sure of sex but is tame eats poos and sheds well just needs to make space
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    Please settle a dis-agreement with an established supplier for me.....
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    Here I have an adult Proven female Amel cornsnake, laid around 10 eggs this year, Tame and feeds great. Offers over £30 Pm me or call/Text 07977859026
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    Well here she/he/it is!!!! as some of you are aware, i have got my dad a cornsnake for xmas. I was trying not to tell him until the end of oct but he figured it out :bash: Anyway, dad has decided to call the little one sammy and we will be getting it sexed next week. Sammy has already eaten and...
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    selling an amel cornsnake with tanks and heatmat n acc. he's a 3yr old male. never bin breed. want to sell to a good loving home, cant give him the attention he wants. will send pics on request. bright orange n yellow.
1-5 of 5 Results