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amel motley
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    This is the one that started it all, now an adult and even nicer than when i first got him they all seem to change for the better when they become adult :mf_dribble:
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    Cb11 sex unknown very nice snake, feeds perfectly and sheds well.
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    A few on feeding day always Hungry
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    FOR SALE; AMEL MOTLEY! Unfortunatly im having to sell my snake; shes an Amel Motley, 4 yrs old, great eater and shedder. Come complete with Viv and everything needed to get you started. Would prefer pick up as i dont drive but would be willing to courier but havnt done this before. Any...
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    Location Shropshire Hills, nr Shrewsbury. SY5 (14 miles from shrewsbury towards bishops castle) Breed Amel Motley Corn Snake (Bright orange with diamonds) Geniune Reason for Sale. I am very sad to have to sell my beauty known as Isha. What with my increased travelling and plans to travel further...
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    I have a number of hatchlings for sale. Collection from Stanley in County Durham or at the Doncaster show. First are a pair of Avalanche het Hypo at £120 the pair These are well grown on taking defrosted fuzzies. male same male and the female Various Opals at £50 each Various Ultramels...
1-6 of 6 Results