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  1. Snake Classifieds
    Have fallen in love with amel and scaleless corns. Would very much like to give one a home. Any morph (but love reds) any gender considered. Have a juvenile tank waiting and can provide readings from my adult tank (video) to show I am a good mum. (As juvie tank is empty currently) OFFERS FROM...
  2. Snake Classifieds
    Juvenile Amel male, told he does have snow in him as well but not 100% on morph. Wasn't given his hatch date but he's between 6 - 8 months old, CB17. He is feeding brilliantly on f/t fuzzy's as well as pooping and shedding. Last weighed on 31/12/17 at 35g. Handled well, and friendly. Will come...
  3. Snake Pictures
    Everyone meet my babies- Alby and Avada-Nox (though my hoggie isn't quite a baby anymore!) Posting to show them off :D
  4. Snake Classifieds
    I have available a CB10 female corn snake, amelanistic stripe ph. anery, lavender. Was bought as a hatchling from Procorns, has not been bred from before. Eats and sheds fine, and is very good to handle. Collection from Westbury, Wiltshire. Asking for £40 for her.
  5. Snake Classifieds
    hi all i have 8 corns for sale . all in good heath doing what they should thank you for looking
  6. Snake Classifieds
    We have 11 baby corn snakes for sale. A mixture of normals, amels, snows and motley/stripe. All have had 7 feeds and are ready to go. Hatched on 6/9/15. Normals and amels £15 each, Snows £20 and motley/stripe £25. Will do deal on multiples. Please get in touch if you have any questions. Few...
  7. Snake Classifieds
    Have for sale one of two snakes - currently housed together but tonight they started trying to eat each other - probably because it was feeding time but i don't want to risk anything. I have separated tonight but tbh want that viv for something else. Open to offers or swaps for rat snakes...
  8. Snake Classifieds
    I have for sale some cb15 corns bread by myself. All eating shedding and pooing fine.all had at least 4 feeds. 1.0 amel 100% het anery 50% poss het motley -£30 6.7 normal 100% het amel and anery 50% poss het motley -£20 Open to deals and swaps
  9. Snake Classifieds
    Will be taking a few snakes for sale at Doncaster including: 0.1 Cb 12 Kenyan Sand Boa £80 0.0.7 Cb 15 Kenyan Sand Boas (50% het for anery) £40 1.0 Cb 12 normal Corn Snake - please pm interest 1.0 Cb Amel Corn Snake, over 5 years old exact age unknown £30 Please feel free to pm for any...
  10. Snake Classifieds
    Hi All, I have a femal amel cornsnake for sale approximately 5-6 years old Proven breeder, lovely colours (see attached picture) Looking for £50 ono Thanks
  11. Snake Pictures
    This is the one that started it all, now an adult and even nicer than when i first got him they all seem to change for the better when they become adult :mf_dribble:
  12. Snakes
    I have a motley snow girl and an amel girl and was wondering what I should breed them with to get some cool patterns?
  13. Snake Classifieds
    CB08 Amel Corn Snake Female (Proven Breeder) £50
  14. Introductions
    Hi, thanks to one of my kids I have now joined the ranks of snake owners (a lovely juvenile VB14 amel corn snake bought from Amey Zoo). He's had his first feed quite happily, and seems really at home in the faunarium we got. Now we're all just looking forward to seeing him grow and develop :D.
  15. Snake Classifieds
    ROYALS & CORNS FOR SALE: Open to any offer on some of them so fire away! :) __________________________________________ ROYALS: CB12 High Contrast Albino Royal Python Female 572g £Offers CB13 Bumble Bee Royal Python Female 879g £Offers CB13 Bumble Bee Royal Python Male £Offers CB14 Banana Royal...
  16. Snake Classifieds
    Hi all, Currently looking to sell my whole collection as I unfortunately do not have the time to donate to reptiles any more. This was my first snake - purchased from a local pet shop back in 2007. He was a very overweight adult due to what I suspected was over-feeding... he's now a very muscly...
  17. Snake Classifieds
    CB14 Amel Corn Snakes Males & Females £35 Each
  18. Snakes
    Pyro (nuclear royal)... Crynus (amel tessera)...
  19. Snakes
    So... Random thing that occurred to me, we have a snow corn, and understanding corn snake is amel to anery, anery is no red pigment right? So is there any reason to why the eyes stay red when you add anery to amel? Just a random thought:p would love to know the answer if there is one?
  20. Snake Pictures
    Hi All, Thought I'd post some pics of the hatchlings from my Miami project this year, As you can see they need to shed but there's a chance that a couple will turn out right. Parents are below for anyone who's not seen them before: Dad: Horatio - Banded Miami Mum: Betty -...
1-20 of 343 Results