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    Hi all, Currently looking to sell my whole collection as I unfortunately do not have the time to donate to reptiles any more. This was my first snake - purchased from a local pet shop back in 2007. He was a very overweight adult due to what I suspected was over-feeding... he's now a very muscly...
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    I am selling my young corn snake - I think he is 5 or 6 months old (he is about 2ft long now but still very skinny). Reason is he is my first snake and he is very fast moving, I thought I would get used to it, but he is making me nervous which means I'm not handling him as much as he should be...
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    Beautiful little corn snake (amelanistic) for sale Pink and orange, stunning example Snake £20.00 or can come with a large RUB for an extra £10.00 Also have various Vivexotic wooden vivariums in light beech colour for sale at extra charge if wanted (small 3ft - £30, large (taller & deeper)...
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    Looking for sub adult / adult male African fat tail gecko, Amelanistic or 100% het amel Can pick up at Donny
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    Offering this guy for rehoming. I rehomed him myself from a family friend who was moving house and could no longer keep him, He's a fan of his food (not missed a feed), so much so he likes anything pink, including hands and fingers! This is despite him being taken out of his enclosure to feed...
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    I am unfortunately having to sell my corn snake due to leaving the country so here goes; For sale is my amelanistic Corn Snake with his/her 3ft(w)x2ft(d)x2ft(h) beech vivarium complete with habistat 600w Dimming thermostat, waterbowl, cave and driftwood (all that is seen in the picture inside...
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    Have put this in the wrong sub forum. Can a mod please delete this thread
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    about 6 weeks old now.they are carrying the Amelanistic morph. have had 2 sheds and have had 5 feeds. i can sell them all to you for £50 as a special deal.
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    Gorgeous babies, ready now, have had a minimum of three feeds and are coming along in leaps and bounds. The amels are poss het snow. :2thumb:
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    CB10 Anery male proven breeder does everything as he should, approx 5ft. CB09 Amel female also proven breeder does everything as she lovely snake around 4.5 ft. Will do the pair £120 or £75 each. Pm for details.
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    Hello, I'm new to the forum (this is my first post), I have a question about my corn snake. I have had her for about 2 years now, I got her from some guy that didn't want her anymore. She is about 4 years old and a little over 4 feet long. She is really a great snake, anyways I am really...
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    Four weeks ago tomorrow I acquired an adult amelanistic corn snake. He's 10yo, not a kick in the butt off of 5' and just a darling. I had wanted a snake since I was about 11, but my mum wasn't keen on my idea of converting the loft into a new bedroom for me so I could make my old room into a...
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    I have 8 baby cornsnakes left for sale, 6 Carolina het anerythristic, poss het amelanistic all motley/striped and 2 Anerythristic poss het amelanistic motley/striped. Parents can be seen, came from a Carolina stripe het snow (F) x Anerythristic motley het amelanistic (M). Photo's can be provided...
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    Striped Amelanistic Cornsnake for Sale Bright orange Male Amelanistic cornsnake with a central cream stripe.Rare to see and very beautiful. He is approximately 3.5 years old and is 3,5 ft long.He is still growing fast. He is feeding on defrosted large weaner rats once a fortnight. He is strong...
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    0.1 amel tiger nz 2006 (51kg and 4,9 meter) 1.0 amel tiger nz 2008 (10kg / 3m) Price: 1200£ ImageShack Album - 23 images pick up to HAMM [email protected]
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    Hey guys, I have an adult male cali king around five years old feeds, sheds poo's all great. and a young amel corn (sex unknown) around a 2foot, again feeds, shed and poo's all good. Sorry about the pictures in a rush to get to work. Need these gone quickly as my new landlord has just...
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    Fantastic adult male ('06) amel corn for sale, had him since he was a few weeks old. 1300g and 5.5 feet + in length, would be a perfect breeder for someone or an excellent pet as he has a superb temperament and feeds & sheds perfectly. £50 or very nearest offer, he is only being sold to make...
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    OK, now I've worked out how to post pics, here's a Q I've been meaning to ask for a while. Here's Mango my first snake. Pre-loved so don't know that much about him. Worked out he's amelanistic but is an amel motley? Come on all you experts - please enlighten me.
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    2008 male amelanistic cornsnake available. I was told by his previous owner that he probably carries caramel, although I never had a suitable female to pair him to here to test that. He has been probed and reprobed as male. He eats brilliantly, sheds perfectly and is an all round fantastic...
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    these are 8-9 weeks old feeding and shedding extremely well just in need of good homes please call me on 07971 689940 as i dont always get chance to get messages on here, i havent always got internet access!! thanks a lot :)
1-20 of 22 Results