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    Burmese Python's and Anaconda's Very difficult sale due to work commitments, my whole collection will be going. I will not sell to just anyone and prices are negotiable for the right home. First up 10' male Albino Burmese Python, he's easy to handle and is tap trained as very food orientated...
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    2009 1.1 pair Yellow Anacondas Female 9 feet (dark black saddles) Male 7 feet (hypo / blotched saddles) Have locked during breeding season but no luck this year. I've had the female for more than 3 years and never a bad mood, bite or musk, the male for 18 months and again not an aggressive...
  3. I.H.S
    John Foden Memorial Lecture 2012. We are happy to announce that this years John Foden Memorial Lecture, will take place at Drayton Manor Park and Zoo. Saturday 25th August 2012. Guest Speaker - Nigel Marven (our current President) Mandarins and...
  4. Snakes
    green anaconda for sale CB female 3ft in length tame and eats sheds and poos great selling as im moving and cant take too many snakes with me and need every penny i can get £150 or £200 with beand new 2ft viv with everything message for details pictures on request cheers guys.
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    trio of c/b 2010 yellow anacondas
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    Hi Folks, Seriously Wanted captive bred Male Green or Yellow Anaconda must be tame if possible also must be very healthy, eating and pooing ok with no problems please message me or ring me on 01438 216830 or e-mail [email protected] to let me know what you have would prefer to see pics if...
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    I know lots of people do it, including famous breeders and authors (Bissplinghoff, for example). What are your thoughts people?
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    i have 3 yellow anacondas for sale, two females and one male. the oldest female is around 16 months, the smaller female is 13 months and the male is 13 months. all hand tame, eat poo and shed fine. perfect condition. first to see will buy. pm me for any more info.
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    We are getting a shipment ready to ship across the pond. We have everything from: Graniteback het albinos (First ever) $2500 females $3500 males Super Dwarf Double het Blizzards (Axanthic super dwarf x purple) $3000 pair 09 pair Albinos $350 Albino Tigers $500 Albino Super Tigers $1000...
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    hi im joe and i waz wondering if you could please post sum pics of your anacondas kk thnx bi...:lol2::whip:
1-10 of 11 Results