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anery corn snake

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    CB11 Anery Female (PROVEN BREEDER) £50 Superb feeder, never misses a feed. Has an Extra Large Mouse every week.
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    Free to good home!!! It is with regret, but due to circumstances i need to find a good home for my 3 year old corn snake (one on the left of the photo). He is a anery caramel motley. He is used to being handled and is friendly. He is eating large mice and sheds really well.
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    I believe the female is around 2 years old and the male around 4 years old. I rescued these corn snakes and paid £40 for the pair to get them out of disgusting conditions but I really don't have room to keep them. I can only sell as pair because I need the room. The male had been overfed and the...
  4. Snake Pictures
    Hi All, I just wanted to share a couple of pics of my new little corn boy Archimedes. I hope this is the correct place to do so, if not, my apologies! He's an Anery stripe het amel diffused and hypo, I weighed and measured him last night and he's 12g and about 36cm long. He's about 2 months old.
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    I've got three female corn snakes for sale. We are cutting back our collection as I simply do not have the time to care for them with being away with work. All three are family pets and have had nothing but the best care whilst they have been with us. The RO and Charcoal have both produced...
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    2.5 yr old not sure of sex good eater shedder pooer well handled
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    Baby Corn Snakes for sale, hatched July 2011. All are eating and shedding fine (not one snake has refused a feed!) I have both anery (silver/black) £20 and normal (orange) £15 for sale. All are being handled regularly and are taming up nicely! Both parents can be seen, this is there 4th litter...
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    similar to many others on here, i no longer have the room to keep all my pets, due to changing plans looking for someone to rehome my 9yr corn snake, roughly 5ft in length and a good feeder, shedder and handles well i would be willing to sell the set-up, including a 3ft viv, for £60 ono if...
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    7 corn babies finally arrived, all healthy, eating, shedding and deficating....all are carolina 100% het anery, lovely little starter snakes, easy 2 handle and good eaters, £25 each or £40 for pair........ :2thumb:
  10. Snake Pictures
    First up Ripley! getting some lovely yellow blushing on her cheaks :flrt: wanting to come out hehe. And finally a decent picture of Vinnie!! He's not a very photogenic carpet! lol who could resist such cuteness.(this fella loves attention!) And who is this hiding away...
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    young Anery corn feeding well(very greedy) lol! will sell or swap just make me an offer
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    Hi I am looking for an adult female anery corn, she must be at least 2007, a good weight, and proven (as I would like to breed from her next year), also will need to have a good temperament, and good feeding, pooing, shedding ect ... Am willing to travel a reasonable distance for the right...
  13. Snake Pictures
    Finally got some pics of my new-ish (and first ever) corn snake, sorry it's only taken on a camera phone so not great quality :( I asked Santa nicely for a new camera but I don't think I've been quite good enough this year haha :P She's a diddly little baby anery, the pics don't do her...
1-13 of 14 Results