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    2015 Female Type 1 Anery, 100% Het Kahl Albino, 4.5' (grown on slowly), doing everything she should and great to handle.
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    Due to a change in breeding plans im looking to sell the following: Male Paradigm, 2017 bred by Aston at !st choice boas. settles down well in hand, feeds on large rats without issue. £175 ono Female Hypo Jungle Het Anery 50% Het Sharp Albino (poss Het Sharpsnow/Snowglow) 2015, slowly grown...
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    WANTED: adult or sub adult boas with sharp genetics, cash waiting and able to collect from most areas. come on, inundate me with stuff :lol2:
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    £400 for the pair, collection or delivery for cost of fuel Female Ghost (Anery, hypo) 66% poss het Khal Albino Male sunglow (Khal Albino, hypo) 100% het anery Rubs are 32L, purely for size reference. Both 2013 animals.
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    Hi Comes with the full set up lovely tame girl, i have been the only owner eats rabbits and rats, i rotate them. she is quite lazy so you have to be careful you dont feed her too much or she does put the weight on quick. bred by ianyork any questions please ask
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    Hi She comes with the full set up, 4x2x2 viv, ceramic and guard, thermostat and bowl. I have been the only owner, shes a lovely girl. Very tame I have never had an issue with her. I normally hook her out and she is fine. Grumpy in shed but never striked. She was bred by Ianyork on here. I...
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    Hi, I am after a CB17 anery kenyan sand boa, preferably female. I'm in Huddersfield but would pay for courier if necessary. Thanks :)
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    Cb17 male jungle parahet 66% het anery
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    a nice sharp sunglow boa 66% het anery only £100
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    For sale is my 2010 proven male Type 2 Anery Sonoran Dwarf Boa. All round great small boa doing everything he should and only for sale as I no longer require him for breeding. £175 Local delivery may be possible, collection from Plymouth welcome or happy to courier at buyer's expense.
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    With us now getting ready for a new family arrival we are having to downside our snake collection. Firstly we have a 4 year old male 'Rootbeer' Cornsnake. His mum was a normal corn, dad was a creamsicle (corn x great plains rat). He has a great feeding response and has never refused a...
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    Very sad sale! Due to personal circumstances I am having to sell this beautiful boy! He was bred by Walter Berg and is an outstanding animal! I have tried to get pictures in the daylight showing the pink highlights down his sides but my phone just isn't working with me. Pictures honestly do...
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    Picked up a gorgeous BCI yesterday. She's a Keltic with a lovely ladder tail and is 50% het for anery. Just a lovely looking normal :2thumb: what do you guys think I can make with her? Answers on the black of a postcard..
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    This male only seems to only accept small food item so is quite small for his age. he is a CA so a type of dwarf Handles very well so would be great for a first pet i have never tried to breed him. he has great markings with a lovely tail stripe
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    Arcticglow jungle litter available baby boas Cb17 and from our breeding Dam paradigm het anery Sire hypo jungle het snowglow Collection from me2 kent or can arrange delivery Photos can be found on my website MadAboutBoas - Home 1.0 Arctic £1600 1.0 sharp sunglow jungle 66% het anery £400...
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    A nice selection of beautiful boa morphs. dam paradigm het anery sire hypo jungle het sharp snowglow all babies will come with genectic paperwork male Arctic £1600 male sharp sunglow jungle 66% het anery £400 2 x male paraglow 66% het anery £500 each female ghost parahet £200 female sharp...
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    Stunning breeder male poss super hypo leopard 50% poss het anery. Comes with paperwork. Around 4 foot. Perfect temperament. Feeding on large weaner rats every 2 weeks Located in Plymouth but will courier at buyers expense.
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    Looking to get my hands on a Hatchling Anerythristic (Or Axanthic if you prefer) Sand Boa in the near future and just want to get a feel of who is breeding and if/when they will be available for sale. Feel free to drop me a message if you or someone you know is breeding these little guys so I...
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    Stunning breeder male poss super hypo leopard boa 50% poss het anery. Comes with paperwork. Around 4 foot. Perfect temperament. Feeding on large weaner rats every 2 weeks Located in Plymouth but will courier at buyers expense. £600. Short term payment plan available.
1-19 of 500 Results