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animal rights

  1. Kempton Park Shows
    I really enjoyed the show this year, even if my table was upstairs, which doesn't see as much traffic as downstairs (do people all realise there`s an upstairs?), but I wonder if there were any confirmed sightings of the animal rights brigade? I think I may have had a visit, judging by the weird...
  2. General Herp Chat
    Anyone else thinking of getting these raw fruit bars should know that they support Animal Aid who celebrate on their website blocking reptile zoo aplications and stopping Britain's largest bird fair from taking place. Wish I'd seen this on the packaging before buying a bunch of their products...
  3. Snakes
    shows how smart the apa and the like really are
  4. Lizards
    Urge Jimmy Choo to Ditch Exotic Skins | Take Action | UPSETTING VIDEO, BE WARNED! Help the campaign for reptiles rights by filling in your details and emailing to friends. Help put a stop to the slaughter of these beautiful animals.
  5. Off Topic Chat
    Was in Leeds today and one of the things I enjoy doing when I go is nipping into Lush, the soap shop. Today I happened to notice a sign next to the door just before I went in. The sign said something to the effect of "Don't give exotic pets for Christmas... and don't buy them any other time of...