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  1. Newbie Advice
    Hi! I was wondering if there was any kind of animal that I could house in a 78*32*35 tank which got a 20cm wall on front so I can reach in at the top 15cm. Which animal wouldn't be able to climb 20cm wall? Thank you!
  2. Newbie Advice
    Hi guys, yes it's me again with another tank :'D. Could you guys list some animals that I could keep in my 50cmx40cmx40cm ( length, width, height )wooden tank? Thank you!
  3. Habitat
    I recently got and set up a small tank with a small pond and was wondering if anyone knows any pets that could fit in that tank. I was also wondering if people knew how to get the water clear. The dirt keeps clouding up the water and I don't know how to get it clean. Thanks! Also I can't figure...
  4. Amphibians
    Okay, so I’m mostly a snake keeper, but I’ve been thinking more and more about keeping salamanders and potentially breeding them in future. I don’t have much information on what species can be kept relatively easily, and I’d like to figure this out before I go on my research mission! I won’t be...
  5. Reptile Couriers
    Pet Moves next Courier Run for Exotic pet keepers covering the whole of England, Scotland, Wales and Guernsey and Jersey on May 8th Please note we only courier animals and equipment NOT general freight. All our vans are under a year old and have heated cabinets using ceramic heaters and...
  6. Shelled - Turtles & Tortoise
    Please help ASAP My painted turtles shell has shedded and it seems small parts of the bone I'm guessing is showing and little pieces are chipped off in the front and it worries me because I don't know what to do. Please help
  7. Lizard Classifieds
    Hi I have a female black and white tegu for sale for £170, she eats sleeps pools and sheds as she should but does need some handling. As you can see from the pictures she has got scaring on her neck but this is from my previous male getting to rough during breeding season.
  8. Lizard Classifieds
    All livestock currently available. All have undergone a quarantine period and are feeding well etc Lizards Dwarf sungazers - pair - £175 Collared lizards - captive bred hatched at FFR - £69.99 each Chinese water dragons - babies - £34.99 each Chameleons: Panther chameleons - females £94.99...
  9. Off Topic Classifieds
    Hi I have a wooden barn for sale. It was made by a company called safari, but this company no longer makes it. Perfect size for schleich models. Looking for £20 for the barn itself, and it will be around £5-£7 for a Courier. Open to offers on it. Please message me for further info. I will post...
  10. Introductions
    Hi I'm new here. I'm 14 and I'm really into exotics.
  11. Shop Classifieds
    Check out our new Click and Collect and Free Local Delivery Service! Its on our very popular Facebook page! Here you will find all our animals (updated regularly) and a selection of live / frozen foods and a vast array of equipment...
  12. Reptile Couriers
    The next Reptile Room Courier run (and the first of 2015! :2thumb:) will be starting on the 17th of January. Our courier service is becoming more and more popular so get in quick if you really need to be in on this run. Call us on +(44)1253 863 700 or email us at [email protected]
  13. Other Pets and Exotics
    hello everyone I am currently a student at uni doing my dissertation and would like some advise and direction on which way to take my uni dissertation idea, my study is a behavioural study, The intended method of research is to complete a behavioural study on an animal (captive/indoor pet...
  14. Other Pets and Exotics
    Anyone else breed rabbits? I breed mini lops + Dutch ...? We have them housed in 2 'rabbit sheds' with each hutch leading to a run.....and then they each get an 3 hour in the whole garden .... Also I was looking into buying a Solid colour mini lop male preferably 1-2 years... spike: victory:
  15. Snakes
    So i have a Corn who is 2 years old next month 11th of September 2012 i don't know whether its a boy or a girl but i say girl even though i don't know so she is called Elowen i got her from a breeder at 3 months old and was wondering whether for her age she should be 245 grams in weight, and 3...
  16. Reptile Couriers
    Could someone ASAP quote me on a pick up of a Vivexotic VX48 vivarium with stand and a sub adult Boa constrictor going from Bath, Somerset to Neston, Cheshire. Thanks in advance!
  17. Newbie Advice
    Randomly browsing the internet as one does and came across this page. Might be worth a read if you have a a spare few minutes :)
  18. Lizards
    Hi, I have seen the leopard gecko morphs posters. I am looking for something similar but not the leopard gecko ones. Does anyone know where you can get these posters? I have tried to find them on google, but I couldn't find any. I am also looking for snake ones if anyone can help with that...
1-18 of 70 Results