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arabesque boa
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    Hi I have an adult arabesque boa for sale. lovely chap. great pattern. Mega feeder. he's over two years old now so almost as big as he will get. If you want a boa without the larger size then he is for you :) £75 selling to make some room for my hatchling balls.
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    I have the following pair of 2013 BCI available for sale. Female Hypomelanistic Arabesque 100% Het Sharp Strain Albino £400. Male Albino Arabesque £500. I would do a deal on the pair. These are beautiful boa's and the last high end available from my 2013 Sunglow Arabesque litter...
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    hi there selling my male arabesque boa , selling him as moving soon and needs to go , he is about 5 foot and a half , proven breeder and about 4 yrs old , very tame and healthy , inbox for any pics or info :)
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    unfortunately I have to put this little guy up for sale as well as 3 of his female litter mates which I will advertise when they come out of shed. these are tiny boas and will stay small as their father is a ca and also het for blood so making these 50% het blood. to give you an idea what size...
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    Hi guys, I have a very grumpy 2011 arabesque. She shed overnight but the head and neck area is still completely intact. Strange, as they are supposed to start there! But it starts at the neck and I'm not sure how to help her finish. I'd try a damp flannel, but like I said the head hasn't even...
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    male 2007 arabesqe boa for sale or swap for hypo or anery female boa
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    male 2007 proven arabeque boa for sale 300 picks on request
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    Instant Boa morph breeder collection! Older Boa Morphs, Jungle / Motley / Arabesque I have the following that I am looking to sell, all been in my collection for at least a year, no health issues, all feeding, shedding, poohing as they should. Females 2006 Kahl Albino poss het anery (66%)...
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    BHB Import - July 2011 - Lipstick Line Arabesques! Snakes available on the July Import are limited to 2010 Royals and 2008/2009/2010 Boas and None CITES Colurbrids. Prices listed are the full price of the animal landed in the UK, no charges will be added on at a later date, the price shown...
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    Arabesque Boas available from DH Sunglow x Arabesque het. Lipstick These will be arriving soon and available end June/July time. They are currently been fed on frozen thawed and shedding great. They will have a few feeds with us and be checked by an experienced reptile vet. 25% deposits will...
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    Selling this guy as he is my last boa and need him gone. hes a 2005 proven male come from terry at genetic gems is a stunning snake eats like a horse sheds, poos fine. im asking for £300 but am open to offers or trades for male royal morphs ONLY im in littlehampton west sussex call anytime...
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    Nice tame,healthy boa,lovely markings
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    Picked this girl up today, little cracker but I cant get a pick of her to save my life little wriggler. also got shit on trying to take a belly shot for warren booth :bash: couple of hets in there which is always nice to:whistling2: anyway, onto the shit pics
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    Myself and Witstaff have done a 400 mile round trip today that took 12 1/2 hrs to pic up a stumming Male arabesque Boa today and had a 100% het albino given us but the lady can't remember if she was a sharp or a kahl cause of a split with her ex, personally were hoping kahl. Here he is...
1-17 of 17 Results