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arctic boa
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    Im doing an import with Basically boas in November and this stunning male Articglow is available for you to buy and add onto the shipment , If you want to buy this boa you have to pay mike direct in us $ and then pay me the import costs , for more information and price of the import costs please...
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    Theres a choice of the 5 arctic boas below from mike weitzman of basically boas , Im doing a shipment from him November and im allowing other people to add to the shipment for a part fee in the shipping and other costs ( pm me for full details) these are paradigm anerys and what you would call a...
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    The Arctic boa is both visual paradigm & anery. Produced by Mike Weitzman of Basically Boas. Photo's do these no justice but in the flesh they look immense! The thing I love most about these is that the background colour is really white, a lot more so than any ghost/anery. Unfortunately you...
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    Just thought I'd share these pics of these new boa morph combo's... just so you can drool and think... one day! (like me) Both recently produced by Mike Weitzman of Basically Boas. Arctic boa - (paradigm anery) Arctic Glow - (paraglow anery)
1-5 of 5 Results