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argentine black and white
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    Hi am after a black and white Tegu if your local to Essex don't mind travel for the right one ideally with a set but it not end off the world if just tegu on his/her own CASH WAITING
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    Argentine Black and White Tegus Unsexed £245 Each
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    Hey I am looking for someone who got baby tegus for sale and can deliver it to the Hamm show in march. Just pm me if u got something. Thanks a lot !
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    Hello guys, due to having to move house as the second child is on its way and pets are not permitted in the new location i am having to sell my big boy Bam. Bam is a 4 year old black and white tegu and he is around 4 ft long from nose to tail. Bam is eating well on mice, rats, chicks, banana...
1-4 of 4 Results