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argentine longnose snake
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    Beautiful little CB11 male! - £175 Urban Jungle Exotics » Baron’s Racer / Argentine Longnose CB11
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    Hello, just thought I'd pop a couple of pics of my newest arrival up. This is 'Genie', the first snake I've really named for a while! She is approximately 18 inches long and roughly as thick as a pencil. She is living in an 18"x18"x24" exo terra set up, which at first might seem large for such a...
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    I have for sale my 07 Argentine Longnose Snake (Philodryas Baroni), sold as male by CPR. He is a great feeder, he also sheds & handles well & is feeding on small mice every 7 days :) I am looking for £100 ono I am based in Surrey & can deliver for petrol costs or will use Reptile...
1-3 of 3 Results