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argentine longnose
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    CB12 Barons Racer for sale, he is a male and feeds weekly on anything and everything you give him! :) I give him either hoppers or small mice- which ever I have most of on feeding day. absolutely fine being handled, never shown any aggression at all. Viewings welcome Shepton Mallet or...
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    I have two male barons racers for sale £150 each or can do the pair for £280 Pics on request They're appx 3.5-4ft long Can deliver
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    Last of the barons for sale! They're nice and grown on now and I probed them as male, pics were taken late last night hence poor lighting and apologies for the blurred pics but they wouldnt stay still! Collection Shepton Mallet or Courier Welcome, Can also deliver for fuel costs. All are...
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    Philodryas Baroni aka Barons Racer / argentine longnose Cb12 unsexed Currently around 3.5-4ft in length Still very flighty Brilliant feeder Eating small mice every 5 to 7 days Shedding as it should This is a rear fanged species and will not be sold to anyone under 18 £200 ovno
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    my gorgeous Argentine Longnose (Philodryas baroni) called Pod :) I love his contrast between his green and blue :)
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    WANTED - Philodryas baroni - Argentine Longnose Cave Racer CB12, but I'd consider CB11 or CB13 certainly one, might want more! WANTED - Candoia sp. - various Candoia paulsoni or aspera, but others considered CB, but LTC or WC will be considered ... age? WANTED - Elaphe dione I'm after a...
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    would love to see if anyone else's longnoses have this, preferably female so that Pod can have his wicked way with her and see if this proves out :) Pod was originally WC, the guy before me brought him from an importer and had him for around a year, I have had him for 4 years or so now :)...
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    sweet huh CB12 ... just 9g handled the 7ft mum before we took this little fella home
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    Pod the Argentine Longnose - owned this boy for almost 4 years, he was WC when I got him. :flrt:
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    2 Barons racers, both female and proven, around 6ft. Feed/shed fine. £150 each or £275 for both. Happy to courier but you have to organise.
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    2010 (late) Female Argentine Longnose - Friendly, feeds weekly on mice. Bred by Ian14 (I saw the parents-theyre gorgeous!) Never been any trouble. Sad sale - Ive had to have an organ removed via operation and have got more to go so don't have the energy/mobility for all the snakes anymore. £130...
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    2010 (late) Female Argentine Longnose - Friendly, feeds weekly on small mice. £130 ono with free rub pic taken in Nov so shes grown a bit: 2010 (late) Male Enchi Royal, USA bred, stunning snake. feeds weekly on defrost jumbo mice. 360g last night. rub defensive but fine when out. £150 ono...
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    This girls feeding response ranges from a tame, polite pluck from the tongs to this nonsense! I apologise for the quality of the pics...all I had was my phone and she started striking at my face shortly after the second shot! I didn't fancy having an opistoglyph hanging off my nose, no...
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    Heres some pics of Pod, theyre not fantastic as they were taken on my mobile but show his developing colours well :) Cant wait to see what him and my normal girlie produce :) Couple of cheeky pics cause hes a nosey bugger (no pun intended :Na_Na_Na_Na:) now his pretty blue :flrt:
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    Absolutly adore this boy.. He was ill upon arrival & hundreds of pounds of vets bills later hes fit & healthy & back to eating &shedding fine :) not only that but hes a gem to handle :) i feel very lucky to have him :) hes also been featured in mays practical reptile keeping mag :) I'm a proud...
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    Pod - Argentine Longnose (p. baroni) Never hissed, bitten etc but I wear a glove as my reactions are on the worser side scale to the venom! :blush:
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    I have for sale my 07 Argentine Longnose Snake (Philodryas Baroni), sold as male by CPR. He is a great feeder, he also sheds & handles well & is feeding on small mice every 7 days :) I am looking for £160 He can be supplied with a gorgeous 'project' viv at extra cost if needed? I am...
1-17 of 17 Results