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  1. Amphibian Classifieds
    Beautiful dart frogs available in store today! Blue jeans are extremely colourful dart frogs and make excellent display animals. Please ring the store for more details. Shop no. 0161 273 5447
  2. Amphibian Classifieds
    These are all healthy and all adult or near adult, collection from my home.. Will deliver for fuel cost. 3 x mint terribilis dart frogs £75 sub adults 2 dendrobate tinctorious blue sipaliwini males £70ea or £120 both.
  3. Amphibian Classifieds
    Poison dart frogs for sale!! 1.2 Oophaga pumilio rio Teribe £280 breeding unrelated 1.2 Oophaga pumilio Bahia grande £300 breeding unrelated 0.2.2 dendrobate tinctorious Brazils 2 adult females and sub adult juveniles.unrelated £225 0.0.2 Oophaga pumilio nancy.. These look to be a pair...
  4. Amphibian Classifieds
    I have few surplus dart frogs for sale. 0.0.4 oophaga pumilio escudo £100each or All 4 £ 350 3-7 months old.. 0.0.3 oophaga pumilio rio teribe £70each x3 £150 0.0.1 dendrobate tinctorious oyapok £30 I also have plants/ broms and also live insect food available, wood lice white and black...
  5. Amphibian Classifieds
    Blue & Black Dart Frogs + Setup for sale 45x45x45cm planted Exo-Terra CB2013 blue and black dart frogs (Sexed Pair) The tank has been repaired on the bottom but is water tight. Will come with a dwarf tropical woodlice, springtail and fruitfly culture + a full tub of Calcium Willing to...
  6. Amphibian Classifieds
    I currently work with a number of species and have the following available. All frogs bred by myself. I have 10 Hyloxalus Azurieventris that are practically adult size now looking for £25 each or 4 for £90 Willing to do all 10 for £225 I also have a number of Epipedobates Anthonyi available now...
  7. Amphibian Classifieds
    4 x Cayo Nancy's oophaga pumilios aprox 4 months old. £50ea 7 x dendrobate tinctorius 0yapock aprox 2-3 months £30ea or 4 for £100 West Midlands pick up.
  8. Amphibian Classifieds
    FOR SALE Poison dart frogs 1.1 WC ole marie massive frogs produced plenty of eggs for me £250 1.1 CB citronella lots of courting no eggs yet as only young £100 1.1.1 leucs £120 1.1 atachi bakka £100 *RESERVED* 0.0.2 juvi mysties £100 All dart frogs available with tanks at extra cost pm for more...
  9. Amphibian Classifieds
    These are all young freshly come out of the water eating well on springtails They are in a plastic enclosure pm email address for anymore info and pictures
  10. Amphibian Classifieds
    Hi, i am after some darts, please let me know if you have anything avaliable Cheers :)
  11. Amphibian Classifieds
    I have 14 Tricolor froglets for sale with more on the way. Lovely confident little frogs £15 each. Excellent starter frog, males sing like little canaries.I also get equipment at wholesale cost so can price a set up, if required. Viewing welcome without any obligation to buy. Discount for...
  12. Amphibians
    Hey everyone. Its been a while since I posted anything on RFUK so I'm just gonna do a whole overview of the Dart Frog Project. The project started as an idea to have a false bottom with a pond section at the front in which I could house some fish. This idea did come true eventually when I kept...
  13. Amphibian Classifieds
    Contact Pets Chester: CB Dart Frog Price List All feeding well on vitamin dusted fruit flies etc. All captive bred. Adelphobates galactonotus"orange" Orange Splashback Sold in un-sexed pairs only! Frogs at two cm. £119.99 per pair. Dendrobates...
1-13 of 13 Results