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    Hey everyone, please feel free to view my site (click my signature!)- just had some A3 Canvas Prints delivered, limited editions only £24.95 each! Choice of artwork, or custom work created to your specifications :2thumb: Thanks for looking :)
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    Basically i seem to be having a little difficulty find a job at the minute and im running a little low on pennies :P so i decided to have another go at getting in some 'commissions'. I've uploaded some examples of my work, an i know their not to everyone's standards but there's bound to be...
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    Had some spare time and some blank canvases,got the cans of spray out and got busy. so here goes, of course the colours pop much better in the flesh!!! aerosol on quality canvases 30 x 40cm with staple free edges. These are UNIQUE ORIGINAL ART Pieces and NOT Prints 20 each + 5 P+P Brown...
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    Hey everyone, not sure if this is in the right place but please click the link in my signature, I sell custom artwork, photography & prints, feedback is welcome :) Thanks for looking :2thumb:
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    Hey all, I am unfortunately selling my WACOM 21ux screen, which pains me to do so but it is simply not getting enough use to warrant it being around, so I have decided to downgrade. This is a professional grade screen that retails new for well over £1500 still. It is the first model type, not...
  6. Snakes
    PLEASE HELP!! currently studying in my final year for my art degree and I require as many shedded snake skins as possible for my work. I am willing to pay for postage etc... and a variety of skins would be helpful if possible
41-46 of 72 Results