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    Not sure if their will be much call for it, but thought I'd create this anyway to advertise myself a bit. I'm an artist and sometimes sell my drawings and I also do commissions. I copy from images provided by the customer, or if they want something totally custom, I sometimes do that too...
  2. Newbie Advice
    Here for sale is a caramel clown royal python painting Original. Email me with any questions and feel free to browse my facebook page. Have a look at the ebay link to find out more! ORIGINAL Royal Python Painting REPTILE | eBay
  3. Snakes
    I know lots of people on the forum like to get creative using their animals as inspiration... I thought it would be great to have a place to share this work be it paintings, drawings, tattoos or whatever! I'll kick off with a pyrography piece I did this morning - eventually it will be a cover...
  4. Snakes
    iv started drawing and painting a lot more recently, and have done a few of snakes and other pets ect. I was wondering if anyone would be intrested in pet portraits? Can be pencil or oil painted? On art paper or canvas? I take a lot of pride in my art and wanted to know what people thought? Not...
1-4 of 6 Results