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asian water monitor
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    hope some one can help I have an Asian water monitor about 5 months old and not eating anything since the 19th of this month It was a fuzzy mouse, he is in a viv that is 5ft long, 6ft high, and 3ft deep, his temps are 50c basking spot, ambient temp is 31c and 25c cool end, also his humidity is...
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    I need Some clue How to pet My Asian water monitor Correctly, How to setup Cages Etc
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    Due to unforeseen circumstances and lack of space my mate has asked me to list this. Exact age is unknown but believed around 18-24 months judging by size. The monitor is viv aggressive and needs an owner who is not frightened, he does calm down a bit once out of the tank but has just not been...
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    Hi I am looking for a female Asian Water Monitor to go with my male, good home awaits! Been looking for so long so if anybody can help... Please ring or text me as I don't come on here very often! Can collect. 07875979694 Cheers Tom
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    Regrettable sale of this guy. Proven breeder, 100% male asian water monitor. This guy is ridiculously tame, extremely laid back and chill. Eats well, is currently in shed so quite dull unfortunately. Big guy, but a big friendly giant. Everything you could want from an Asian, this guy has. Size...
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    Have this lovely little Salvator back up for sale as unfortunately the sale fell through. Have a feeling this is a female, won't know for certain til its older. Eating well, pooping as it should, as most of them are when they're young, it's quick but not at all vicious. Will be available at...
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    2 Asian Water Monitors for sale. Unsexed. Eating great. One slightly bigger than the other. Photo is of the smaller of the two. Will take better photos of each during the week with the proper camera. Both 2014. Available at Doncaster show in September. 250£ each. IMG_3207 by knattydreadhead...
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    i have a three foot asian water monitor for sale as a cpl of missing nails its how he came very good to handle with a very good appetite nice looking monitor
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    Asian water monitor for sale around 20inches in total length. beautiful monitor
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    Will consider any size, age or species.
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    I am looking for Bosc Monitors or an Asian Water Monitor. I am willing to pay for transport costs if distance is an issue. Other large species of Monitor considered.
  12. Lizards
    Hello everyone I recently aquired an indonesian asian water monitor around two months old. He sleeps quiet a lot I mean a lot, and has been eating live crickets and locusts. Over the last few days he has stopped eating completely.I have tried all types is food but he is not interested. I keep...
  13. Habitat
    Im starting a new thread this will be for the awm enclosure that will be built in the brick shed/outhouse. Ill sort some pix of the start of the build asap.
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    Wanted asian water monitor. Delivery to Newcastle Thanks Sam
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    As title says eats,sheds and poos fine healthy and active lizard swap for female ackie .
  16. Lizards
    i have a baby asian water monitor for sale. he's this years hatch and im looking for £190.00. any question message me
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    1.0 asian water monitor, around 2 1/2ft, eats,poos,sheds fine, sexed male, nervous needs time spending with him, never bitten (or even tried to) and only poo'd on me once ha, he's a really nice monitor and will come out of his shell very quickly with a bit of time spent with him as he was taking...
  18. Lizards
    Hi everyone, We just joined after reading tons of info we just got a baby Asian water monitor yesterday :) Absolutely beautiful. Got her/him in a 4ft set up uv tube, heat lamp etc etc. seems tame ish. Held it in shop and didn't squirm. Got her home and she sits basking. Seems to prefer being...
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    Asian water monitor with viv and lights etc, typical young asian quite skitty but with a bit of time and plenty of handling she will sort herself out nicely, i selling her as i dont have the time to spend with her due to work commitments and its not fair on her i say her but its to early to tell...
1-19 of 45 Results