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assasin bugs
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    As in the title . Easy to keep very interesting species to add to a collection. Live better communally . £3.50 each or 3 for £10 . I will ship these out can send rmsd or 1st class signed for as we have warmer weather at the moment but obviously these will be at buyers cost.
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    1x Emperor Scorpion, suspected Male - £20 1x Golden Israeli Scorpion, suspected Female - £15 1 Pacman frog - eats everything, about 4 inches across - £20 7x Adult Twin spot Assassin bugs - £5 each 5x Baby Twin spot Assassin Bugs - £3 each 1x Male Sumatran Blood Python, amazing character - £120...
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    I have a breeding group of 6 orange dotted assassin beetles and any youngs that i come across when packing, to sell. Id like £20+ £5 RMSD or swap for some mantids. If collecting can come with Container and decor they are in currently. Please text on: 07500 661 685 Or message me on here. Nathan
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    I have a pair of juvenile white spotted assassin bugs for sale. About 3cm. They're currently housed together. £10 for the pair. Payment by paypal gift only. 1st class £2.00 RMSD £5.50 24 hour heat pack £1.50 Postage is at buyers risk.
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    I have surplus some Orange spot assasin bug Mombo sp available at large nymphs at £4.00 each or 4 for £12 P/P £5.00 Special delivery if interested contact [email protected]
1-5 of 5 Results