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    Male 2013 Yellow Phase Amazon Tree Boa Perfect Health Feeds on Large mice every 2/3 weeks without Fail . Set Up Consists of a 600x600x600 Herptek viv in good used condition . 100w Ceramic bulb , 2%UVB natural light bulb ,Habistat digital dimming thermostat and everything inside viv see...
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    Hey there i am selling my amazon tree boa, unsexed 5 years old orange/red/grey black spots to make space for other animals. He comes with a zoo med 60x45x45 viv Zoo led lamp holder 150w ceramic heat bulb Habistat pulse thermosat Large heat mat 2 peices of wood and a cork flat £170 ONO
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    2.1 Adult Amazon tree boas £200 for all. The 2 males are garden phase, the female is Yellow/orange.
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    Hello! I'll be attending the June Doncaster meet and I'm looking to purchase either a GTP or an ATB hatchling (I'm undecided on which species takes my fancy). Does anyone know of any breeders with hatchlings available of either species? Thank you!
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    Hi I was wondering if anyone knows of a breeder for amazon tree boas in the UK, (preferable Scotland), and what sort of price point will I be looking at? I am looking at some of the more bright reds and oranges or maybe a Halloween for a nice display animal.
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    So very happy I made this purchase 10 months ago. Just love this snake. A big credit to Rob Kennedy - Very happy mate. Just had a full shed 10 days ago and they're getting big!! : victory:
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    My atb has been hiding away for the last 10 days but come out yesterday afternoon, so they went on a little adventure. They have amazing long necks and this one's quick!
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    Hello, Back on tinterweb again so thought I'd share some up to date pics of my amazon:2thumb: It's doing well, managed to maintain good temps/humidity. Cool end and ambient temp 23oC/basking temp 32oC. Nice gradient. It's a dedicated room so temps never drop below 23oC. I'm spraying twice a...
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    Hi I have a couple of ATB's that I keep in wooden vivs and a GTP in an exo terra with an adapted lid. I am thinking of adding a new ATB to my collection and want to use an Exo rather than a wooden viv. I know people use them for ATB's but am looking for some advice on what size for an adult...
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    One stunning 2015 yellow phase Amazon Tree Boa for sale (Mr Custard). Not sexed but I've always presumed him male. Strike feeding without fail every week on d/f warmed mouse fluffs/fuzzies. Surprisingly nosey and inquisitive, he is very easily handleable but quite active (I kept him on his stick...
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    I have three Amazon tree boas up for reluctant sale. One orange (3 years) one black/red garden (3 years) and one garden (poss 4-5 years). £120 each. For pictures and further details please P.m me. No time wasters please, and only experienced or knowledgeable keepers. These snakes are often...
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    Garden/Halloween phase - £100 CB15, feeding regularly on Fuzzy mice weekly, slightly smaller than it's sibling due to the fact that it has only recently started taking on it's own. Rather snappy little guy, attitude should calm down in time with handling and patience etc. Orange Phase - £170...
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    For sale £150. **Update** Sexed as Male 21/04. 1.0 CB15 (August) Amazon Tree Boa (Corallus Hortulanus) and was originally my hold back from the litter. Feeding like a trooper but I only have the feeding records for the first 10weeks or so and as I was keeping it I didn't update...
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    Hi everyone, I'm going to be getting an ABT soon going to be using an exo terra tank. What do you recommend for lighting and heating? Thanks
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    CB15 0.0.1 CB15 Amazon Tree Boa (Yellow) - 120.00 Bred by me. Has had 2 sheds and is feeding on f/t mouse fluffs. Pics below. Pics of parents can be sent upon request. Any questions please do not hesitate to ask. Collection from Bedford only.
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    Well the other day we had a nice little surprise in the reptile room. 4 healthy Amazon tree boa babies were born :mf_dribble::mf_dribble::mf_dribble: I think I am in love with all of them :D
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    Hi, I'm getting an Amazon tree boa around August, I've been out the reptile game for about 5 years but always wanted a nice display viv with an atb in so I thought why not!? I Plan on getting the big exo terra (3foot High x3foot Wide x18" Deep), is this viv a sufficient size for one ATB? Im...
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    Corallus Hortulanus!!!! Any one got any early cb15 litters or cb14's at the Donny show for sale??? Feel free to pm me details of what you have etc :2thumb: Cheers
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    Hey guys, I've been on the look out for amazon tree boas, I'm heading to Donny in June and was wondering if anyone will be bringing any along to sell? I'm looking for a pair or trio. Thanks. Mark
1-19 of 241 Results