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    Available for Hamm show March 8th, 2014: We are offering a beautiful female red striped auriculatus. We weighed her last week and she's 55 grams. Never had any problems eating/shedding/other. Asking €175 (roughly 140GBP)
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    Mniarogekko chahoua Tona-8 Unsexed Mainland Eu. 125,- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Rhacodactylus auriculatus Mame-1 Red striped x Red striped Unsexed Eu. 90,- Mame-2 Red striped x Red striped Unsexed Eu. 80,- Mame-3 Red striped x Red...
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    Isis Meagarra
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    Sadly, due to poor health, I have to let some of my animals go :cry: Gargoyle Gecko (Female, 3 years old, 44g) - £90 Nice markings and variation in colours as seen in photos. Lovely temperament, very tame and quite active at night. She's never been bred from but does lay infertile eggs...
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    Here are some pictures of this seasons breeders. Maru, male Meagarra, female Isis, female
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    Adult breeding pair of striped gargoyle geckos, female feeds from tongs or hands, male a little more timid but handleable.. pics can be sent to phone or email.. Please PM with any questions.. I also have a juvenile which looks female, for £50
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    Hi all I currently have six of my own CB gargoyle geckos (Rhacodactylus auriculatus) for sale, representing a nice range of colour and pattern morphs - photos of the others can be provided on request. I feed all my Rhacs livefood so these are all taking crickets by the bajillion (aka they are...
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    Hello people, I recently got 2 gargoyle hatchlings 2 months old and I love 'em! I've been keepin' blood pythons atm, and wanted to get crested or gargoyle cuz they don't need insects in their diet. At least when you give 'em CGD. So, I don't want to buy live feeders at all. I ordered online...
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    He is getting more and more vibrant every time we see him. He is around 20 grams now, so still has some growing to do.
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    I have: 0.0.2 Phyllurus platurus - £300 each or £525 for the pair. 1.0 Uroplatus lineatus - £200 0.0.2 R. auriculatus - £60 each SERIOUS enquiries ONLY please. Photos available if you are genuinely interested.
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    This is the pair we have planned for breeding in 2012. We are looking forward to their hatchlings.
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    Here are some pictures we had on our computer, which we had not shared with you. Sorry, it's not only ciliatus.... Bamu-1, Rh ciliatus, Baldur X Muffin Bamu-2, Rh ciliatus, Baldur X Muffin Splash, Rh ciliatus, Baldur X Citrus (holdback) TicTac, Rh. ciliatus, Cherry Pie X DP...
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    Hi all I'm selling one of my two male gargoyle geckos only because I don't need both of them for my future breeding plans - I bought this chap as an unsexed juvenile last year and he is now weighing 30g and looking gorgeous! He's still growing very well indeed and is a great feeder, I use an...
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    We are looking for 0.1 Rhacodactylus auriculatus high red/orange at the June Hamm show. She must be ready to breed. We can trade with high end ciliatus.
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    I have the following for sale: 0.0.2 Phyllurus platurus (Australian Leaftail geckos) (looks like it could be 1.1) £300 each or £525 for both 0.0.2 R. auriculatus (striped) £60 each Courier (including delivery by myself) possible at buyers expense. All animals are flawless and CB in Canada.
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    I thought as the last one was getting a bit long, that I would update with pictures of what is left. Unsexed Crestie - £60. Unsexed Gargoyle 1 - £50 Unsexed Gargoyle 2 £50 1 Male subadult Sarasinorum - £130 (can come with a 30x45 temp tank for £20) Male Luii Cave Gecko -£60...
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    For sale are some Gargoyle geckos, babies bred by me, grown on ones were bought in. All eat Clarks diet and the older ones will take occasional crickets. Parents of the babies can be seen. Any questions etc feel free to ask! Baby 1 - 6.2g £70 (DOB 11/10/10) showing some nice orange. Grown...
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    Hi, I have a beautiful male auriculatus available, orange striped. Czech bloodline. Pics were taken a little while ago. Now approx 18 months old. Looking for £135 ONO. Cheers, Mark.
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    This is one of my two female gargoyles. They are around 10/11 years old... I hope you like! Hannah
1-19 of 25 Results