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    I have 3 adult female R. auriculatus for sale: Female 1, from German and Russian bloodlines: (£115) Female 2: (£100) Female 3 (BIG!): (£100)
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    Next to rhacodactylus ciliatus and chahoua we are offering some nice auriculatus for the Donny show in September: CM10-01 CM10-02 orange pattern gets better every week CM10-03 (old pic taken right out of the egg, now looks almost exactly like CM10-01) CM09-01 we intended to keep this one...
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    We have 1.0 Rhacodactylus auriculatus RED reticulated, proven breeder available for sale or trade.
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    Since we've already had several pm's after we posted some pictures of our 2010 hatchlings in the Lizard Pictures section I thought I might as well put all of them up here. Geckos can be picked up in the Netherlands or brought to any of the bigger reptile shows in The Netherlands (Houten)...
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    The breeding season is in full swing and our first babies have hatched. Here are a few examples. Some more are on our blog which you can visit through our website homepage BG-Gecko -- breeders of Eublepharis, Rhacodactylus, Diplodactylus, Nephrurus, Underwoodisaurus en Aeluroscalabotes All...
21-25 of 25 Results