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australian gecko
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    0.1 Phyllurus platurus. 2012 Collection from York
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    5 x Robust Velvet Gecko (Oedura robusta) - Juvenile, unsexed, all are truely stunning and hatched between August and September 2011 - £200 each. Oedura are a great genus with very interesting behaviour, with occasional vocalisation and tail wagging. They are a realy seen but very easy genus to...
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    We have some unsexed Strophurus that we will be bringing with us to the Doncaster show, To reserve please email us at [email protected] Strophurus Williamsi £80 Strophurus Taenicauda £175 Strophurus Spinigerus £175 Strophurus Krisalys £150 male
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    Thought I would post up some of our Knobtails that have hatched recently, the N.Wheeleri hatched a few weeks ago and the N.Levis hatched out today.
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    I have available for collection at the Norwich show on the 10th July sexed pairs of Strophurus Williamsi from late 2010 for £175 a pair. If your on Facebook then Like our page to keep updated on what eggs are being laid and what is hatching daily! Log in | Facebook
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    Hi I have two pairs of Nephrurus Wheeleri available at the moment. One pair is at breeding size and have already started mating, they are feeding well on crickets, mealworms and locusts. The second pair is slightly smaller and will be coming up to breeding weight in the next few months or...
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    I was just doing a bit of research on the Australian Tessellated geckos and stumbled across a thread on SA Reptiles, some of the photos are brilliant and a real godsend if you're after ideas to create a natural looking environment for Australian Lizards SAReptiles • View topic - Australia...
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    I have for sale an unrelated pair of 2010 Strophurus Taenicauda. The male is 4 months old and also carry's the white eye gene and the female is 5 months old. Collection is possible from Collier Row in Essex or I can arrange courier(weather permitting) for £30.
1-8 of 8 Results