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    Caribena versicolor 5cm leg span. Babies appeared from sac 9th march 2020 . un-sexed , post only , uk only . Photos are of one that i took on 14/2/21 , would not stretch out fully for the photo as usual but they are a good chunky spider now . if you are you want any (can possibly do up to 4)...
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    Selling my Tarantulas, as im moving and cannot have any pets at new place 1 x Avic avic (pink toe) female 4.5" £25 1 x B smithi (mexican red knee) unsexed 3" £20 1 x P irminia (venezuelan suntiger) unsexed 2.5" £20 Happy to send anywhere in UK, all come with enclosures and water bowls if...
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    hi everyone has the title says :-) he hook out on the 19th frebruary so hes fresh. he will be ready next week when hes harden up and had hes first meal. thank you for looking. £8 RMSD So £28 in total
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    Unsexed specimen Avic Avic around 5" legspan female maybe? P Irminia raised by me from egg, 3-1/2 - 4" legspan
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    i have here, 1 Lasiodera Parahybana juvenile, leg span aprox' 4 inches. £20 1 Avicularia Versicolor juvenile, leg span aprox 2.5 inches £25 both for £40 Postage is £2 1st class or £6 for rmsd.
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    I have for sale a sub adult mexican red knee (sub adult) Brazilluan black(grown on) ,mexican fireleg (sub adult), Slamon pink goliath birdeater ( f adult ) Avic pink toe (sub adult) All come in rub set up except avic comes in a 2 week old exoterra viv....message me for details n pics an offers
  7. Spiders and Inverts
    Avicularia versicolor- a sexed female sub adult, sold to me by markwrc from here:
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    Avic avic slings 2cm £5.50 each plus Pop or 10 for £50 posted
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    Avicularia hirschi 1.5-2cm sling (3rd skin). Just moulted... Collection only! Would deliver Aberdeen / Dundee area... Thanks!
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    Hi, im leaving for Honduras early tuesday and need to reduce my collection fast. Have a few spiders available which must go sadly. Pm me offers for them, dont write them on the thread please. Doesnt really matter how cheap as they do need to go but please dont take the piss and say you want them...
  11. Spiders and Inverts
    I mated my female Avic avic about two months ago and she duly laid an egg sac a couple of weeks later. Almost straight after the female laid her sac the male moulted and I worried that the sac would be no good. However she stayed with it and last night I decided it had been long enough (about 6...
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    FEMALES : 0.2.0 Avicularia Aurantiaca 8cm ls female £55 0.3.0 Avicularia Boa Vista 5-6 cm ls female £29 0.1.0 Brachypelma Emilia 10-11cm ls sub\adult female £55 0.1.0 Cyclosternum Schmardae 9-10cm ls adult female £35 0.4.0 Lampropelma Nigerrimum 7cm ls female £35 0.1.0 Lampropelma...
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    Hi everyone Had a crappy day today, was let down on a rufie for my female and also my albop Mary has eaten her sac (my first go at breeding). Decided to pull myself together and try again ASAP but thought I'd go for something cheap and faster to breed. I have the refund for the pokie sat in...
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    Females : Avicularia Bicegoi - 13cm leg span adult female £60 Cyclosternum Fasciatum - 10cm leg span adult female £20 Grammostola Rosea Red over 10 cm leg span adult female bought as mated £25 Nhandu Chromatus 6-7cm leg span female £16 Psalmopoeus Cambridgei - 17cm leg span adult...
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    As the title says, looking for a mature female Avic Avic. I would also be interested in a decent sized SAF. Please message me with prices. I am able to collect within the West Midlands/Warwickshire area.
  16. Breeding Loans
    I've got a MM A. versicolor that matured yesterday (19/11/13) available for 50/50. I can't post out for a couple of weeks at least, just to give him time to harden up and produce a sperm web.
  17. Spiders and Inverts
    As the title says, I'm thinking about having an arboreal T to add to the collection. I've seen some unbelievably pretty spiders online.... Most of which aren't advised for a beginner like myself. P.ornata and especially P.Metallica are top of my wish list but in reality I believe I'd be better...
  18. Spider and Invert Pictures
    Hope you like!
  19. Invert Classifieds
    Looking for an AF Avic avic please. Message me with what you have :2thumb:.
1-19 of 98 Results