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    Caribena versicolor 3.5+cm leg span. Babies appeared from sac 9th march 2020. nice sized spiders . £15 each post is £9 next day delivery after posting with heat . post only , uk only
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    I'm looking for the following species: Avicularia purpurea Avicularia minatrix Avicularia juruensis Ybyrapora diversipes Also looking for Caribena versicolor if you have that as well as one of the above, but they're common enough that I'm not looking to buy one on its own unless you can offer a...
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    Approx 3 inches. Recently picked up from a friend who was selling off his collection but I don't keep arboreals :) Located in the Glasgow area but can deliver within reason.
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    hi there, i have here, 1 sub adult Poci met, and 3 sub adult avic avics. the poci is around 4inch. and the avics around 2-3inch. im asking £50 for the poci and £20 for the avics will do all three avics together will free postage. £100 for all, free postage or £6.50 rmsd each piece thanks D...
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    Hi,I’m after Avicularia species...what’s about people? Thanks...Neil
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    hi there. Selling 1x poecilotheria metallica 3" legspan £75 6X avicularia avicularia 2.5" legspan £35 happy to sell the avics for less in bulk postage is £6 thank you
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    For sale 0.3.0 Avi Juruensis Adut females 12cm ls £ 55 0.0.1 Iridopelma Zorodes 4cm sling £15 postage £8 special delivery all 4 spiders £170 posted all Juruensis molted 2-3 months ago , zoorodes molted about month ago , sling is bigger than on the picture
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    I'm looking for a Avicularia Versicolor (or similar avi) Juve or larger. Does anyone know of any? Seller must be able to send RMSD.
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    Avicularia diversipes – sub-adult/young adult female – ~9.5-10cm - £45 Cyriopagopus ‘hati hati’ ~6cm - £18 Cyriopagopus ‘Sulawesi Black’ / Phormingochilus carpenteri – sub-adult female ~5 inch - £55 Lampropelma nigerrimum - young female 9-10cm - £30 (might be in premolt at the moment)...
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    Having to sell all my animals as moving out of the country for a while. Am willing to do deals on multiples/a good price for them all if sold together Avicularia diversipes – sub-adult/young adult female – ~9.5-10cm - £60 Avicularia versicolor – sub-adult/young adult female – ~8.5cm - £50...
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    Anyone having them for sale?
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    Avicularia bicegoi - adult female - £40 Avicularia cf. purpurea - adult female - £40 Psalmopoeus irminia young adult female - £35 RMSD with heatpack - £8 Any questions, dont hesitate to pm me. A. bicegoi A. cf. purpurea
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    Adult females Avicularia bicegoi– £40 Avicularia cf. purpurea - £40 Heterothele villosella - £10 Juvenile males Poecilotheria striata ~9cm - £18 Psalmopoeus reduncus ~7cm - £12 Mature males Poecilotheria subfusca (highland) – (matured 20/01/16) - £20 Any questions pm me. Can post RMSD...
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    Having to sell some spiders to make some room.. Haven’t been able to post for a while due to work and living arrangements but now it shouldn’t be a problem. The juvenile males are all sexed ventrally as I haven’t had a chance to look at the molts, so I may be wrong, but they look male to me...
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    Various t's for sale, I would rather have these collected if possible all prices include exoterra or custom aquaria tanks. Avicularia braunshauseni - AF £60 (with custom aquaria tank) Avicularia minatrix -AF £50 with custom aquaria Avicularia guyana ( with plastic tank) AF £35 Avicularia sp...
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    Due to a change in living arrangements, I am reluctantly having to sell a few of my spiders. All lengths are approximate legspan. They are unsexed unless stated. I can provide ventral shots of the P. striata and the P. reduncus if you want to try sex them, I dont feel confident doing it...
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    Hello here is our price list of spiderlings 0.0.10 Euphebophus rufescens 2FH 75£ 0.0.10 Psednocnemis brachymorosa 3FH 5pcs 200 £ or all 350 £ 0.0.10 Poecilotheria smithi 3FH 70 £ 0.0.10 Poecilotheria miranda 2FH 80 £ 0.0.10 Poecilotheria tigrinawesseli 4fh 120 £ 0.0.10 Poecilotheria...
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    i have here, 1 Lasiodera Parahybana juvenile, leg span aprox' 4 inches. £20 1 Avicularia Versicolor juvenile, leg span aprox 2.5 inches £25 both for £40 Postage is £2 1st class or £6 for rmsd.
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    Females : 0.2.0 Chilobrachys sp blue Vietnam 8 cm ls females £25 0.2.0 Heterothele Villosella 5cm ls semi females £15 0.2.0 Ephebopus Murinus 8cm young females £ 35 0.2.0 Poecilotheria Metallica 8cm ls females £75 0.3.0 Poecilotheria Miranda 9cm ls females £39 Unsexed : 0.0.50 Avi sp...
  20. Spiders and Inverts
    Always a nice moment when the post man arrives - some of my birthday present from my lovely wife. All of them were calm apart from the obt who made a dash and would not stay still for his/her photo op, he/she also had made a tube web in the tissue. Anyhow, love the fact he or she has attitude...
1-20 of 223 Results