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  1. Snake Classifieds
    For sale I have a pair of early cb15 super vanishing hypos hondurensis, male and female pair, both feed exceptionally well and defecate and shed as they should, they are quite quick and nippy but still young. Will only sell as a pair. Courier welcome. Male
  2. Snake Classifieds
    Reluctant sale of the following royals to make room for a first baby in my life! Will listen to sensible offers on multiples. Male pastel - 1.2kg proven - £85 Male cinnamon - 550g - £100 Male possible desert - 500g - £70 Cb14 possible DH genetic stripe/clown male - awesome unusual pattern -...
  3. Habitat
    Sooo, as some may know, a group of us RFUK'ers recently went on a two week trip to Trinidad, organise by Andrew, who many will be familiar with by his excellent threads on his amazing large (huge) greenhouse and various zoo exhibits, posted under his handle "acromyrmexbob", and his partner Asha...
  4. Snake Pictures
    Got these little (they reeeeally are little) guys from r20mad, arrived via Guardian Reptile Courier, couldn't be happier with them! First up is the albinoooo (the photo refuses to rotate, even though I rotated it in photobucket :whip:) Little snow Normal het Anery Was browsing...
  5. Reptile Couriers
    Hi there, We are travelling Dorset - Scotland – Dorset Monday 3rd June. If you are interested in booking or requesting a quote let us know. We can be contacted via PM on here, via our website , by email at [email protected] by phone on 08450 945 537...
  6. Spiders and Inverts Now obviousltly there is complications with it all But the concept it truly awesome If I had the money I would love to do this with a comminal species
  7. Snakes
    Ok so ive been away for 2 weeks and let my sister look after my 2 corns, 1 Always feeds which is good but the other hasn't been feeding for about 6-8 weeks now.. (Perseverance) I try him everyweek and today was the day i decided to feed him, I got him out and he was fine, defrosted the mice and...
  8. Lizards
    CrestedGeckoLover here. So today, I had Crestie out with me and placed him on my leg. After a few seconds I saw he had a really good grip on my clothing. So I placed him on a cord on my hoodie, picked the cord up and stretched it. Soon I had my very on acrobatic crestie going everywhere on this...
  9. Snake Pictures
    I finally found and brought the perfect pair of female Taiwanese beauties! They where born 2010 and have been housed together pretty much their entire lives. I'm separating them until I can get them re-sexed and they are a bit older and due to go into a 4x2x2. Once bigger still they will go...
  10. Snake Pictures
    Anyone taken any really good pictures of their snakes? heres one of my faves! My common boa Capri (sorry if its huge) :2thumb:
  11. Snake Classifieds
    I'm looking for anyone who is or has or knows how to ship snakes to the United States. if your sending a shipment anytime between now and june of this year and have room for a under 5 ft boa i would be willing to pay to put him with your shipment to help with costs. I'm Moving there and would...
  12. Lizards
    Hi Guys! Right now I have a terrarium 20 Gallon Tank that houses my one awesome pet leopard gecko. I know that leo's don't need lighting, but it can be good for them, especially because not much light gets into the terrarium anyway. So I was wondering what kind of light I would need for the...
  13. Snakes
    Anyone seen these - FREAKING AWESOME First Irian Jaya Jungle Jaguar ZEBRA - CaptiveBred Reptile Forums, Reptile Classified, Forum
  14. Equipment Classifieds
    I have available to you today... the worlds greatest vivarium!! 30 inchesx 18 x 18 it was my first vivarium however my small child has grown out of it, he is now in a 4x2x2. i say it is the world best vivarium, however i cannot guarantee that you won't find a better one, this one has...
  15. Snake Classifieds
    This is a male (defiantly) western hognose. He is amazing at being handled. He eats 1 pinky a week, sheds and poos fine. Thanks
  16. Snakes
    Which one do you prefer?
  17. Snakes
    Check out this stunner, The pictures are abit pants, I do have better ones but my card reader is currently refusing to work.:bash: I love the head pattern.
1-17 of 27 Results