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    Heya, So, back when I got Cookie (my axanthic royal python), it took me some time to finally get him to eat. But thanks to all of you guys (thanks again), I got him to eat and he's been a devouring monster since. I upgraded him to weaned rats 2 weeks ago. Was very happy that that went with 0...
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    Selling due lack of space. Based in Crawley. Can deliver locally or pick up 2020 Female Mojave, 250g, Feeding Frozen/Thawed Rat. £70 2020 Female Normal, 100% Axanthic VPI, female, 400g, Feeding Frozen/Thawed Rat. £55 Beautiful example. Feeding solidly. 2020 Female Mojave, 250g, Feeding...
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    2013 1.0 Fire 100% Het Pied & VPI Axanthic, proven, (bred by Daniel Parker with paperwork) - £250 2020 0.1 Pastel Savannah (Pastel, Mojave, Cinnamon) - £195 1.1 Fire 50% Poss Het Piebald and VPI Axanthic - £50 each 0.1 Lemon Pastel (NERD line) 50% Poss Het Piebald and VPI Axanthic - £50 0.2...
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    I have a male yeti around 80-90 grams and is a 2019 hatch. Feeds great, sheds and poops as it should. Selling due to getting out the hobby. Happy for buyer to collect or can deliver for fuel. If you have any further questions please either email or text me on- [email protected]
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    Does anybody here have experience of VPI snow het royal pythons? In particular I am looking for experience of the visual appearance of snow hets compared to axanthic hets. Any takers?
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    1.1 Caramel jag poss het axanthic £250 ea 2.1 Caramel poss het axanthic £200ea 0.1 Poss het axanthic £100 0.1 Lesser poss het ghost 200g £50 0.1 Pastel enchi poss het ghost 250g £80 All feeding on f/t rodents, can be collected from kent or taken to Houten. All listed carpets are 75% irian...
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    2014 Male VPI Axanthic Royal Python, proven breeder, 840g, defrost rat feeder, great snake doing everything he should, surplus to my breeding plans. £150 Collection from Plymouth or can courier at buyers expense.
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    Hi I’m looking for axanthic mandarins breeders Baby’s or adults Cheers Leigh
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    German CB12 from WC parents. Axanthic patternless. Beautiful animal, never refused food and always sheds in one piece. Pickup in NW London or via courier.
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    Manchester Based Female Royal pythons available 1200g 2013 proven female, fire hypo spider royal python £300 1500g 2013 Proven female VPI axanthic royal python £150 1500g 2014 Female royal python Axanthic (vpi) black pastel £300 1600g (2012) proven female super pastel hypo (orange ghost)...
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    Have the following carpet pythons for sale. All eating, pooing and shedding perfectly. Lots of animals here that will get you a leg up in amazing projects like the Axanthic Super Zebra, Caramel Axanthic Zuper Zebra and Moonglow (which is now possible due to UK Pythons TRUE hypos)! Some photos...
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    Tons of Carpet Pythons for sale. Prices below -open to offers on all animals. Can arrange courier and delivery to European reptile shows! ***Photos available on request due the sheer amount*** BABIES ===================================== Albino 66% Het Axanthic £300 (from double het snow...
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    Hi im looking for axanthic or bamboo combos cash waiting for anyone with something available please contact me
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    Manchester Based Adult ball pythons. Payment plans on anything over £100, 20% deposit secures Female Royal pythons available 1900g 2011 Proven Axanthic (VPI) Pinstripe £600 1500g 2014 Axanthic (VPI) black pastel £450 1500g 2013 Proven axanthic (VPI) £300 1500g 2010 Fire 100% het axanthic (VPI)...
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    Adults 1.0 Killerbee (Proven) £100 1.0 Butter Spider (Proven) £100 0.1 Fire (Proven) £100 (high quality fire) 0.1 VPI Axanthic (Proven) £175 0.1 Butter Pastel (Proven) £175 0.1 Cinnamon £80 0.1 Enchi £80 0.2 Pinstripes (Proven) £100ea Subadult 1.0 Butter Spinner £200 1.0 Butter Pinstripe £80...
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    2017 1.0 Pastel: £25 (ready soon) 1.0 Super Pastel: £50 (ready soon) 0.1 Super Pastel: £60 (ready soon) 0.1 Pastel Mojave (Pastave): £50 (ready soon) 2016 1.0 100% Double Het Pied / VPI Axanathic (Het Lightning Pied), 312g: £50 2014 1.0 Pastel 100% Het Genetic Stripe, 1130g: £50 Collection...
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    I have the following snakes for sale from the London/Kent area. All are from German bloodline stock mainly Precision Reptiles/Star Pythons. 2014 Adult PAIR double het for SNOW (20 fertile eggs this season - no slugs) - £3500 ono Adult female Caramel Jaguar het Axanthic (proven breeder laid...
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    I have the following still available and are a great cheap way to aim for an axanthic zebra or super zebra axanthic in a few years time! 1 x Axanthic £300 2 x Jungle PH Axanthic carpet pythons £125 each 4 x Zebra 66% het Axanthic carpet pythons £200 I also have a FEMALE Axanthic zebra which I...
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    2016 Hognose snakes available Normal 66% het Toxic (axanthic and toffeebelly)- pairs £200. Toffee belly 66% het axanthic: female £225 Axanthic 66% het toffeebelly: Male £300, Female £350 All bred by me. Good way to get into the toxic project. All come with feeding records and are good...
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    I am looking for an axanthic hognose, preferably a conda. Or a conda het axanthic. If anyone has something suitable please let me know. Considering an axanthic superconda project.
1-20 of 221 Results