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baby chameleon
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    Looking for Panther Chameleons in the Aberdeenshire area of Scotland. Seem to only find them for sale in England or they are being sold for a stupid amount of money.
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    I have had my baby veiled chameleon for about 4 days now and he has just shown signs of trying to shed (puffing up and flailing around, i was worried at first but after researching found out he was just trying to break the skin to shed). I have been misting him to help but wanted some tips on...
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    CB13 Ambilobe Chameleon Unsexed (x2 Avaliable) £150 Each
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    I am looking for a baby chameleon its got to be in the midlands as im from wolves
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    Hi i have a baby chameleon for sale he is 8 weeks old eating sheds and poohs fine he comes with a full set up a live plant mini xmas tree and a few branches both bulbs are bran new(2weeks old) the viv is 3ft by 3ft n 2ft deep. He is a very friendly chameleon
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    Hi, I have about 60 panther chameleon eggs being incubated in two of my local pet shops. I have 6-7 months for one lot the newest lot only one day old, so ages before they hatch so I am safe for the moment. My problem is... once they hatch I don't know what to do with them. I know they might not...
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    Help with feeding baby panther cham + and general "is this normal" questions Hi, I've only had my baby panther chameleon since Wednesday, It is my first reptile, hes gorgeous and so friendly I want to make sure I do everything to give him the best possible chance in life :-p hehe. What can I...
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    i got myself a Exo-Terra 30"x18"x48" nylon flexarium today and when i finished setting it up with plants, jungle vine, twisty branches i realized the uv light will be ok on top of the nylon viv it sits a few inch from nylon with a clamp on fitment.. but then realized the basking light might melt...
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    Ive been reading and researching about veiled chameleon's as ive always wanted one.. And not long ago i ordered a mesh vivarium (flexarium) thats 2ft x 1.5ft x 4ft.. Will this be big enough for the veiled chameleon for when its older?? and im picking a baby up as soon as the vivarium is here...
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    ive been thinking about getting a baby veiled chameleon and im doing some research about them and i just wanted to know if anyone can tell me what things i need to buy for him.. lighting/viv/decor ect ? thanks :blush:
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    After the loss of our first chameleon, Stryder due to a severe prolapse, we've finally gotten a new one, Petrie. He's not very old, maybe a month or more, and so far everything is fine, but we rarely see him drink. We spray him everyday and he sometimes drinks off the walls, though it doesn't...
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    CB10 Veiled/Yemen Chameleon (Part Piebald) - West Kent I have 18 baby Veiled/Yemen Chameleons for sale, some available now, others in a week or two. All are eating dusted crickets happily, as well as occasional fruit flies (although these don't really touch the sides any more!). They are all...
1-12 of 12 Results